Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dandelions in The Snow

I love living in a part of the world where we have obvious seasons and lots of weather.  I love the changes I see and feel outside.  Yesterday, we went out on the playground and there was still snow in the shady parts...just a dusting, but still snow.  The kids were thrilled to get to go outside when there was snow!  It is usually way to cold to be outside by the time it is snowing.  It was about 50 degrees  in the sun and there was snow in the shade!  One of the boys even made a tiny little snow ball....of course!  So, that's the weather report, but the news is that along with the snow, on November 30th, a couple of the kidlets brought me dandelions!  Dandelions and snow on the same day...love it!  It's good to expect the unexpected....
Actually, having their sweet little hands bring me "flowers" is one of the things I might miss a tiny bit after I retire.

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