Saturday, November 6, 2010

TGT 11/6

I am thankful for Zumba.  It is an hour that I am not in charge of anything.  I don't have to plan anything.  I just get to do what someone else tells me to do...whether I like it or not!  :>)   This not to say that it is a mindless activity.  It is not a time for a wandering mind. (I run into people when my mind wanders!)  I have to pay attention, but I don't have to commit any of it to memory.  It is fun and good for me.  The ladies there are always sweet, kind, funny, and gentle with each other.  I always look forward to going.  But, honestly, mostly it is the whole I am not in charge thing.  What a relief!


  1. I am so thankful you found Zumba! Or it found you...not sure which. :) It is so nice to be able to count on your smiling face counting out the steps and letting me know when they don't add up! You forgive me for JUMP, and you rock Knock on Wood. You even overlook my deer-in-headlight moments. It is such a priviledge to be able to spend several hours each week with the some of the finest ladies I know.

  2. That's how I feel, too. Just so glad that I don't have to do all the work to get ready that you do. But you seem to really enjoy it, so it all works out. I am thankful for the way you encourage my best and accept whatever I can do. Too bad Zumba doesn't pay enough for you to give up your day job!

  3. No kidding! I'm not sure I'd be ready to give up my day job, though. I love teaching those munchkins. My younger self never would have believed that one day I would be instructing a fitness class. I was far too self-conscious for that. It's amazing how time and experience changes you.