Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glass Blowing Anyone?

From a discussion on my friend's blog about blizzards, the discussion got around to glass blowing...yeah, I know.  You gotta love that kind of discussion!  Here are the efforts of my first attempt...well, the ones that didn't get gifted!
Hmmmm.  A little extra bubble....

...a little slant...

...getting better, with stuff inside and a wrap on the outside....

...and an interesting color combination!

Of course, I cannot find the ones from year two that turned out much better.  I have carefully stored them away some place safe!  Hope they show up at Christmas...

Friday, April 29, 2011

"Hey, Is This Kind Of Like Science?"

Fun Friday once again and even more appreciated this week than most!  Today we were volcanologists.  Earlier in the week, after some team work coloring and tree making (it can get hot out there on the beach), we landed on the big island and got the customary leis.

Today we first did some fact finding and discussing, looking at the globe and maps.  We took an online quiz and got 100%!  And then....we made the volcanoes...
Here, let me help you.

Am I doing this right?

Let the eruptions begin....


Well, look at that.


Look at that!  Not a great photo, but great emotion!

Oozily, woozily wonderment! 

Had to laugh when in the middle of this whole event one of them says, "Hey, is this kind of like science?"  Yeah...kind of! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let Me Not Become Weary

So, perhaps God is letting me know that I have made the correct decision in retiring. 
Tuesday and Wednesday were two of "those" days.  The kids are suffering raging cases of Spring Fever and the "newest" kid fake cried for the last half hour of both days because he didn't want to write in his journal.  Knocked the whole tub of crayons on the floor right before I had to take a group to the gym for dismissal.  When I came back he had to pick them up...rather unwillingly.  Then he had to finish writing in his journal...rather unwillingly.  By the time he needed to leave for the day, I had him calmed and smiling, but I was SO tired.  Two days in a row!
I have been cranky and crying for unusual reasons.  We have been watching a live eagle cam of a nest in Virginia with 3 eaglets...the mother got killed yesterday and I cried while I watched them rescue the eaglets.  A kind comment from a colleague = tears.
The horrible storms which have only barely glanced us, have kept my 90 pound lap dog in a constant state of and night.
The State Department of Education does not like the amazing program Stevie and I have developed and run for the last 12 years with tremendous success.  All they can say is, "Well, yes, but the law says...."
We have been busy trying to fix it for them without breaking it for the kids.
My sweet little niece, Ana, a freshman at WVU, called today and asked me to take her to Med Express.  I did, and was happy to be able to help.  I was sad to see that for a college town, they didn't treat this little college kid very nicely.  She got some medicine and I am praying she is well soon.  Finals are in just a few days.
Spring orders are due for a class I won't be teaching next year.  Class placements for next year are looming....with a new system to learn and implement.
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, when all I want is to enjoy my last few weeks.
A friend sent me this scripture at just the right time:
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.     Galatians 6:9
Amen and amen.

Monday, April 25, 2011

WOW Clouds!

In all my 55 years, I have never seen a sky like this.   You have to click and see them big.

These are all in about 5 minutes with me running all around the school trying to get a good shot and hoping it would still look this impressive by the time I got my kids so I could take them out and get them excited about the wonders of nature...
But they were just regular old storm clouds before long...and then they just zoomed on away and we had a nice recess outside.

Aren't they awesome?  You looked at them big, right?

 I think when I retire I might like to be a weather person....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! (or is that Hoppy Easter?)

Easter is a celebration of joy and hope and promise.  It is the most amazing act of love ever.  It is when I realize and am struck anew how much my God loves me...and you!  I am praying that your day was blessed and that you were a blessing to someone today.  Each of you who reads and comments here is a blessing to me.
Now.  On to the cute bunny...
I made it into a pin to wear. 
I'm fairly pleased with my first attempt, but have 2 more cut out to work on.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring is Springing at Shangri La Ti Da

I went out to Shangri La Ti Da to plant a new raspbery bush, for Earth Day, even though it is cloudy, windy and 40 degrees!
While there I took a few photos of Spring springing...
Last year we planted 3 fruit trees...the beginnings of our, peach and plum. 
No idea which this is.

The other one is pink.

And beautiful! 
The deer pulled the last one out of the ground or knocked it over or something.
We have 2 bluebird houses.  The first one has 4 eggs.

The next one has a brave and protective mama sitting on her nest. 
I just stuck the lens in the hole to take this flash, didn't want to totally traumatize her.

Later, when I saw her fly away, I went back and found these 5 eggs! 
9 more bluebirds coming soon!

I don't like onions all that much, but I am loving the curliness going on here.

Here's the raspberry bush. 
The one we planted last year has 5 new little canes coming up.

Can you see the dirt under the fingernails?  I should probably learn to use gloves,
but I really love the way the dirt feels and smells....

So, even thought it is cloudy, windy and 40 degrees, I do believe Spring is springing!
Happy Earth Day.
PS for those of you who don't know...the property where we are building our retirement home was named Shangri La Ti Da last year...our own little piece of paradise!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colorful Creation Possibilities!

While in Columbus, I found a wonderful fabric store in nearby Waynesville,  and went just a little crazy.  Look at these colors...and believe me, they look better in real life.  My mind is bubbling with all the possibilities.
I use mostly wool or wool blend felt like these
to create my Whimsical Woolies.

I am moving toward incorporating
some actual woolie wool.

Still trying to get the nerve up to add some pretty printed cottons into the creations.
(I'm kind of in a polka dot phase
for the time being...seeing spots!)

When I can do that, don't the possibilites become infinite????

Although I have visions of creations using these lovely fabrics, I can't quite envision cutting them, using them and then not having them anymore.  Might be a problem...
Anyone else have such a problem? 
Is this how you become a hoarder?
If so, I'll be a happy hoarder surrounded by beauty.  :-)

Remember the Vote?

Hey, rememeber when I asked for your vote?

WV Living Magazine
Announcing our Top 15 Tamarack Artists: Susan Feller, Clarence Ball, Designs by Shelley, Paul Latos, Tennille Martin, Zachary Orcutt, Vicki Angotti, Kathy Hanby, Donna Lohr, Tonie Garrett, Amy Johns, Robby Moore, Terry Quentrill, Elaine Sinclair, David MacCallum!
They will be featured in the Summer issue!
What?  Me in a magazine???!!!!

I am to be expecting contact from the magazine.  Be still my heart!

Thanks again. 

Back From the Retirement Board

We had a wonderful visit with the powers that be in Charleston.  Every single person we talked to was friendly and helpful!  Here is a quick photo journal of the day:
Here we are about to begin the journey...wondering if I'm sleepy eyed or nervous? 

First stop is the flowershop in Bruceton to get two lovely arrangements for our "advisorss".

Here we are!  And they just put that whole sign up on the wall very recently.  Probably just for us.

Ready to meet and deliver the flowers.

Tammy and I. 

Stephanie and Stevie.  And evidently the pairings were perfect.  Stevie met her match for speed talking, with Stephanie...they finished before Tammy and I!

Last stop was the PEIA building.  It was not a planned stop, but helpful.

 So, it all went well and I am readier than ever.  I have said it over and over since we left the Retirement Board..."I can hardly believe that for the rest of my life I will be getting a check that I can live on and I don't have to work any more."  How amazing is that?
We went on to Columbus and had a fast, furious and fun couple of days with Amy.  And we survived a tornado siren in the middle of the night!  I got my book and my sewing supplies to take with me to the basement, but we just stayed upstairs and laughed!  Not too smart, right?  Gotta do better...don't want to lose out on all that retirement money!  :-)

Amazed and relaxed and full of expectations for the next chapter....ahhh.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Off We Go...

We're off to talk to the retirement board today.  It doesn't get much more official than that.  I hope I ask the right questions and even more importantly, I hope they have the right answers!
I'm pretty excited!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Look What I Made! Petunia...

Since it is the beginning of my Spring Break...last one of these, and really one of the few of these I have ever had as a teacher in a snowy county...I didn't have to go to work and do lesson plans this afternoon so I had some time to create a "fine feathered friend"...those of you of a certain age will remember that song and that ducks my be somebody's mothers...just sayin'.  Anyway, I made this so cute pink bird of possibility.  She has so much personality and kept looking at me to take her picture, but I couldn't really get a very good one...I tried...a lot!  Thank the Lord for digital!  Here she is...presenting Petunia!

Don't you just love her?  Doesn't she look like she wants to talk to you?  She is getting ready to migrate and I am sure I will miss her...more pink birds of possibility are in my future, I'm thinking!

And my new favorite thing to make...bird legs!  They have so much personality!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank You, Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny made a little girl's day today...a little girl who desperately needs to believe someone loves her especially  At the end of the day, when I told her I had found this bag and it had something in it with her name on it, she was wary.  I handed it to her and she pulled out the bunny ears.  Her face was transformed from the almost always cautiously hopeful face we see, to glorious joy! 
"You got me ears!?" 
"No, I didn't get you ears.  What does that note say?"
She reads:  E.....Happy Easter, Love, Easter Bunny
She turns back to me...
"It was really you, right?"
"No.  Do I have any cotton tail on my butt?"
"It's from the Easter Bunny?"
"That's what it says."
Smile continues with a bit of wonder thrown in...

So, for $1.00 a little girl goes home happy!
Thanks, Easter Bunny.  You're the best!
And here is the Easter Bunny from the calendar I made this year...
Have a Monstrously Whimsical and Wonderful Year