Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 Days: More Randomness

Here is my first summer bouquet.  We will use it tomorrow on the refreshment table after the show we are doing for the parents.

I couldn't choose just one photo.  I love the fuzziness of the second peony like.  Peonies are one of my favorites.  They smell almost as good as lilacs...these three are smelling up my kitchen and living room right now and blooming fuller as I watch...really.    I love mixing the common red clover with the giant pink peony.  I don't even know what the purple star like flower is called.  The white flower grows on a vine and there is even some crown vetch in there somewhere.  Wish you could smell them, too.
We also have our very first peaches. (I think it is a peach tree and it looks a little fuzzy and is shaped like a peach, but it could be a plum...we have one of those trees, too...but it can't be an apple because the deer pulled it out of the ground this winter...aarrgh.) Anyway, here is a hint of our future crop.

Spent an hour after school with Stevie, getting the room set up to be a theater on the morrow.  All of the kids but one have people saying they will come.  I sent another invitation home with him this afternoon.  If no one comes, I will have a willing daddy volunteer to be there for him...aahhh.
They are ready for showtime.

Here's one more story from my 2 years in New Mexico where I taught 2nd grade.  After a unit of study about the presidents in February, the assessment was for them to choose one of the presidents and write what they had learned about them.  Here is the paper, word for word, as it hangs on my fridge even today:

When Abraham Lincoln was a boy he lived in a log cabin.  When Abraham Lincoln grew up, he got married and moved to a Gettysburg address.  Then he became president.  Abraham Lincoln never lied.

And that's the truth!  Hope you got a giggle, too.


  1. OK, maybe they don't smell quite as good as lilacs!

  2. Peonies might be my very fave flower! My mom gave me some bulbs last yr and they are gorgeous right now!! LOVE them. They smell so good I could EAT them! ;D

  3. I wish I had some. RIGHT NOW. G is trying to chase me outside to do my work. But I can't see the screen in the sun. How stupid is that?

  4. TeeHee...pretty flowers on the computer win over work every single time! Explain it to G one more time.

  5. Oh, summer bouquets are divine. I love peonies too. And lilacs. And all blossoming things.

  6. Some days I just wander the yard (and maybe the neighbor's yard...)with my snips and gather whatever is blooming. Messy and beautiful bouquets.