Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Last First...Nursery Rhyme Edition

After practicing for more than a month and making adorable t-shirts, Friday, October 29th, was the Nursery Rhyme-A-Palooza! The last first show of the year for me. I think it is so important for kids (and everyone else) to be able to stand up in front of a crowd and speak or sing or dance or whatever. It is a life skill.Well, this group had me convinced that they were not generally a naturally musically inclined group. I was more than a little nervous about show day. The morning's practice...dismal. The morning's dress rehearsal...uninspiring. Nervous was beginning to take up residence in my neck and shoulders and I could barely move it by lunchtime. As the room filled with families I had accepted my fate and I led them in. They took the stage and the room brightened immediately. They were so happy to see their families! They smiled and performed their parts the BEST they had ever done them...ever...really. I got teary eyed more than once while watching them....ahhh. I got more than teary eyed while talking with a teacher friend who came up to ask about the show at the end of the day. My last Nursery Rhyme show....ahhh.Anyway, have a look at how cute they look in their shirts.


  1. They did such a beautiful job! I was getting teary eyed, too! You would have never know you were nervous. Great job! :)

  2. Neat-O! How are their shirts done? I'd like to eventually do something for parents- not sure what yet. I feel like these parents need to see something good happening, especially for the parents of the more challenging kids who get a lot of negative feedback from the school (although I always try to pair it with something positive. . .) Super cute!

  3. Thanks, Karyn...I was just so proud of them and thinking I would never get to have this exact feeling again.
    Ashley, I draw the picture and the kids paint them. Limit the colors they can choose from and they always look good together. I have several plays you could look at...