Friday, November 5, 2010

TGT 11/5

I am thankful for my creative spirit.  I love that I NEED to create on a fairly regular basis to be full and happy.  I was lamenting, with another creative teacher, how much harder my job would be if I couldn't just think up something to make learning  more fun or easier to see for the kids and then just make it.   I am not hindered by just following the teacher's manual and using those resources.  OK, truth be told, I hardly ever look in the manual...but anyway, I love my ability to create...ideas, art, chaos!


  1. Creativity rocks and I've always considered myself to need it in my life as a constant, but I feel like I've lost a lot of it in teaching with all of the pressure to teach to the core. I have issues with "fidelity to the core" in special ed. I teach a lot with the core programs, and add a lot of my own stuff. I do get frustrated though with the concept of all of my students taking the same selection tests, etc. online. Isn't it better if I make a test or a learning assessment that goes with the core that they can succeed with? I'd rather them take a test they understand, then a test they're going to get like an 11% on and have no clue with. I mean, I understand accountability and high standards, etc., but I would actually like to assess their learning on their level. (This is me venting LOL)

  2. You will always have to fight the good fight in Sp. Ed. You are the best advocate those kids have. Work around the system the best you can so that your kids get the best they, that takes some creativity!