Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Week That Zoomed

Hey.  I can not believe I haven't written here for almost a week.  I haven't even been on here to check and see if you missed me!  Let's start with last Monday.  I took my shower, turned off the water and began to dry off, only to realize I hadn't washed my face.  Back in, turn water back on and lather up.  Begin thinking about all I wanted to get done that day.  Turn water off and begin to dry off again, only to realize I hadn't rinsed the soap off of my face!  Back in and out for the last time.  In an effort not to have a repeat of this on Tuesday I am telling myself over and over, "Don't forget to wash your face."  So, I pour some shampoo in my hand and...wait for it....put it on my face!   Aaargghh.  Luckily the rest of the week was uneventful in the shower.
Wednesday evening, while I listened to the Mountaineer basketball game I created 5 Whimsical Wooly ornaments for the Arts Council Open House...well, mostly created.
On Thursday, I completed the Woolie ornaments at lunch and recess and delivered them at my planning time.  I left school about 20 minutes early to go to a church activity.  I left the church activity about 20 minutes early to go to Zumba.  I left Zumba at 8:15pm to come back to school and get ready for Fun Friday!
The kids were more than a little squirrely all week.  (or maybe it was just me!) Hard to keep focused and very prickly with each other.  I played the Santa card as often as I could.  One went home sick on Wednesday and hasn't returned yet.  A couple of others were a bit sickly.  We are going through the tissues!
But, in spite of all of this I saw 2 of my little boys really begin to bloom!  They are getting it and getting proud of themselves.  Ahhh, yes.
Fun Friday was all about coral reefs.  We set sail for Australia this week.  They created little mini-them sailors and we put them on a boat on the bulletin board.  (I was a little sad to take down the tree I had put up last year and decorated all year...)  On Friday we added lots of colorful coral reef plant life and this week we will add some of the creatures that live there.  I will post pictures as we go...hopefully.
The issue this week will be snow and cold.  Lows in the mornings in the teens and from 9-15 inches of snow by Tuesday evening...not that I am complaining.  I love the snow!
So, hoping for a calmer week and a chance to stay in touch better.


  1. OMG that cracks me up about the shampoo/face ordeal!! LOL :D

  2. Connie, don't you have a similar story you want to share?
    Ashley, I know you can feel my bewilderment!