Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fabulous 50's Day Fun Friday

Another last....Fabulous 50's Day.  This is a fairly new tradition and the kids I had who are now in 2nd grade were wanting to know why we didn't do this when they were in my class.  We share the same hallway so they could see all the fun we were having.  Sorry I didn't do it then.  Cozette, in particular, would have loved this day!
All but one of the kidlings came dressed right out of the 50s...lots of poodles, white Ts, slicked back hair and pony tails!  They all looked so cute.

Look at those sweet girls.                                                                             
    Look at those tough guys.
Just to be clear, learning and fun can go hand in hand.  We worked on counting to 50 by 10's.  We made "pearl" necklaces with 50 beads and key chains with 50 beads.   We wrote 50 words and the numbers to 50.  We measured and drew 50 inch pictures to color.  We had a bubblegum blowing contest and had floats for snack.  The floats were also a nice follow up to our study of  buoyancy from Thursday...teehee. 

Check out her "pearl" necklace!

 When shown a record and asked what it was, they chorused confidently that it was a CD!  What?  A 12" CD?!?!?!?!  Mrs. Bayles had to teach them all about the ancient technology of record players. 

Thanks to Kris N., we had this cool little one to show them and demonstrate with.  Hers when she was a little girl, way back in the "old" days!  teehee

Next, was the sock hop and it was a hoot.  They loved taking their shoes off and for the whole first song all they did was hop...in their socks!  Oh, so that's why it's called a "sock hop".  Then we taught them to do the twist and the hand jive.  They played their own guitars for one of the songs. 

But, they didn't have any more fun than their teachers!

The day went SO fast.  Several of the kids said how much they looked forward to Fun Friday's.  Several of the parents who dropped their kids off said how much their kids enjoy Fun Fridays and I realized that I don't think I could get through a week without our Fun on Fridays!

Rock and Roll is here to stay!


  1. I WISH I had been fortunate enough to have a teacher like you when I was that little! My teacher's didn't start making much of an impact til 4th grade, and by then I was so shy and quiet it was nearly terminal. lol.

    You should create a resource guide for new teachers- you definitely have a knack for it. :-)

  2. That is part of the reason for this chronicle of my last year. Even now I am realizing that I didn't realize how much we do in a year...

  3. I miss your Fun Fridays, and so does Haley! You make learning so exciting and fun. You and Stevie make an awesome team!!

  4. Thanks, Lana! We do work well together after all these year!