Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anniversary #12

On Thursday, April 1 (yes, April Fool's kidding!), twelve years ago, I married my sweet little husband. I was 43. It was my first and only marraige. I waited so long for a husband that I almost never call him anything but Husband.  He was so worth waiting for.
He is my best boy friend, my knight in shining armor and a Godly man. He is patient with all my flightyness. He is gentle with my self-doubt.  He encourages me.  I grow stronger and better.  He trusts me.  I trust him.  He protects me.  I feel safe.  He lifts me up.  I see new possibilities.  He never raises his voice and we love being together - quietly, by ourselves.  I don't know a single other person who I can spend all my time with.
He shows me daily love at its best.
I thank God for him in my life!
Happy Anniversary, my Husband.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Could Use a Vote

If you have time to do this that would be wonderful.
I'm just one of Tamarack's little artists, but I still count and I am even taking a few more framed pieces of my whimsical woolies down this weekend...
And check out West Virginia's extremely superb, makes you proud to be a WVian, magazine!  It even feels good when you hold it in your hands.

 WV Living MagazineTAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia is celebrating 15 years! Who is your favorite Tamarack artisan? Visit to vote and win a seat on our first WV LIVING Roadtrip! The top 15 artists will be featured in the summer issue! Spread the word!


Who? Who? Hoot?????

As the very pleasant prospect of retirement grows ever closer...less than 50 days!  I become more happy about creating little bits of whimsy and loveliness.
 A friend commissioned me to help her make a woodland themed mobile for her friend's baby to be coming soon.  She wanted owls.  I love the give and take of doing commissioned work-so far anyway.  She gave me general ideas.  I made one to show her to see if we were thinking the same way:
So, I like this one's eyes and the shape of his ears, but overall, not loving him...but don't tell him that.  I would hate to hurt his feelings.  Jen said she loved him and want 4 or 5 more.  But the real beauty of this little one is that as I observed him for a couple of days I knew exactly how I wanted to change the rest of them.  So, he showed me the way...

Notice the unifying ribbon?  That is how they will be hung on the mobile and also how they can be removed from the mobile for the little one to play with when they are old enough not to eat the buttons.

They are only between 4 inches and a little less than 3 inches tall.  And yes, I will pick all the cat hairs off before I deliver them...probably!

And here is my favorite.  He is the smallest one...

Cute, huh?  Really each of them is cuter in real life...really.

Here they all are in a heap and a huddle.
Fore and....

They will hang from a branch and are designed to hang so that they look down on the little babykin.
I am happy.
Now I have to give them over to Jen...sigh.  At least I know they will be going to a good home.  :-)
I will get a photo up of the completed mobile...when it is completed!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Far and Wide

It is still amazing to me that people from far and wide read my blog.  How do even find me? 

I would love to hear from someone from these far away places.  I have long had the heart of a gypsy, although it has faded some since finding the love of my life and settling in to a shared life!  It is often quite an adventure in its own right.

Poland, Slovenia, Canada, Greece, Indonesia, Brazil, Denmark, Phillipines, Taiwan, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia and The Faroe Islands

Wow.  I have only been to two of these places.
Anybody out there want to comment?

 I love seeing your place show up in my audience list.  Now, if I just had faces to connect to the places...

This world is shrinking.
Let's be friends.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japanese Tea Ceremony-The Kindergarten Way

Can't believe I haven't blogged for a week.  That is an indication of the week we had, but once again, Fun Friday sends us all home happy.

Yesterday was the culmination of our Japanese adventure.  We have decorated and made kimonos and discussed the beauty and current tragedy of Japan.
This group is not by nature calm and quiet and introspective...well, OK, they are only 5 or 6, but still some kids just are calmer natured.  This group is best when going and doing.
But, they did great.  They learned how to serve during the ceremony and to be grateful guests.  They were quiet and respectful and I was proud.  Any time I can get them to think of others is a happy moment.  Here are the pictures:
Chopsticks that we made kid friendly.

Rice cakes tied with edible "ribbon".
Candy sushi, which they loved!  Loved!
Placemats that they made...they like pandas in Japan, too.
Hanging lanterns with cherry blossom designs.

And now for the ceremony...look at their faces and their bodies...ahhh.

It was nearly silent for this part except for the thank yous and you're welcomes...ahh.  We had a few 4th grade guests come to observe and they got some treats for being repectful, also.

Then they got to eat and it was still quiet.

A good view of the kimono designs.
The bun, the flower, the chopsticks....
...and the flip flops that gave her llama toes!

Our latest principal of the year came to visit and took off his shoes and showed his white socks. 
This guy is a keeper.  All of the adults had red kimonos to wear.

So, there you have the whole thing.  I bet it is too many pictures for most of you, but I couldn't cut them down any more.  Hope you enjoyed!  We did.

A Little Art Show

Our local Arts Council is trying not to die.  We have recently gotten several new board members (remember the pretty cards I made for each of them? )and are hopeful once again.  To welcome the new board members and other friends, we who are juried artists, have set up a little art show.  I am very new to this.  I have sold in other stores, but setting up my own display without a way to hang my art, was a bit of a challenge.  I think I like how it turned out.  What do you think?

I used an old ladder, a small table and a chair from school.  Table isn't really leaning. 
Here are a few pieces close up:  And if you get any closer, you can see the cat hairs probably.

And my favorite of this bunch....

Hope we have a nice turn out tonight for the Spring Thinking Meeting.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Springing

Today, Stevie and I went for a walk at Cranberry Glades.  It is a bit of a geological aberration right here in Preston County.  No way this biome should be this far south, but I'm glad it is.
I can remember once, years ago, before it was held by the Nature Consevancy, going with a few friends to actually wade in and pick cranberries.  An adventure I haven't forgotten.  Today, I was looking for signs of Spring and here's what I found...
The path in...

Look at that color!  As much as anything it is the sun shining on everything.
Spring green is so very soft to look at and to touch.

Then we entered the forest primeval...well, it seemed like that.  Dark, deep, soft, quiet, pungent.

One brave sapling standing in the sun.

Can you see the red skunk cabbage peeking through?

Here's a close up showing that there is something inside that thing...
maybe this isn't skunk cabbage after all.

A view across the cranberry bog from the board walk.

On the way back to the car we saw what we thought might be a bear track. 
Enlarge and see what you think.

When I got home I saw these signs of spring springing in my very own yard.

Colt's foot.  The first flower most springs...even before the crocus.

My day lilies that I am hesitant to take all the leave mulch off of just yet.

And the ever popular daffodil!

 Yes, spring is springing, but I am quite sure that the snow isn't over!  Lucky for me, I love all kinds of weather and each season especially!  Happy First Day of Spring tomorrow...go outside and enjoy! 

Kite Day

At the end of a very LONG week, we finally had Kite Day.  The weather was perfect...nice breeze and warm temperatures, which we have not seen for a VERY long time! 
As part of our study of Japan we made two kinds of kites: carp kites that are used in thier celebration of Children's Day and a simple sled kite with a dragon picture drawn on the front.  We also flew some store bought kites at the end to see how high we could get them to go.  Have a look -

Marching to the kite flying field with carp flying high already.
Trying to laugh his kite into the air.

It's in the arms....

                                                              Or maybe the legs...

Or perhaps the smiling stare!
                                                             The inevitable tangle.

Rescuing a downed kite.

Getting ready for a launch.



Our only injury.  Who ever heard of a kite string burn?  She was a tears and didn't even want to come in and get the cold pack.  She was right back out and flying again!

It was a great end to a hard week.  Hope they get to fly their kites some more this weekend.