Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did I Have Time To Teach Today?

So very much of what you do as a teacher has absolutely nothing to do with your subject matter.  Today started with a mother telling me her child didn't want to come to school (actually hit her when she was getting him ready) today because the girls he sits with are mean to him.  Would I move him?  I told her I would watch things closely today.  I told her boy to tell me when it happened.  When talking with my aide I find out that she had to move the boy yesterday at lunch for calling other people mean names!  I talked to the the child several times today...he could not name the girls, said it happened at daycare, said they were at his house being mean to him....What is going on?
I have another little girl that has decided it is better to pretend not to know how to do anything.  She LIKES to have to work with you one on one.  I made her write 2 sentences with almost interaction with me and they were GOOD!  But the "fight" that came before just wears on your soul. 
I have one that screamed her way to a sore throat and a "sick" ticket home yesterday.  She is autistic and does have trouble expressing herself, but she knew how to work that just fine.  As soon as mom was called she was better!
I have one that since the very day he turned 6 about a week ago has been a different child...and not in a good way.  Something going on at home????  He says no.
I have one that told us Monday that his dad died.  Tears in his eyes....sad.  Dad picked him up from school the next day.  It is a divorce situation that isn't going completely smoothly.
Do they teach you about what to do with this stuff in college????  Not when I went.  Granted that was back in the dark ages!  Some days I feel like I get it right and the child is better off for the time spent with us, but other days,  I just don't even know what to say...or, I just try to teach.


  1. Donna, I can't begin to understand what teachers go through on a daily basis. All I know is how blessed your students and parents are. You make a huge difference, even when it doesn't seem like it. You not only keep teaching, but I know you keep praying for the kids and their situations. How many teachers can say that! There is no greater thing you can do for them or yourself. I pray daily for the teachers and students at KES, and I know that God has put those children in your class, so that you may touch their lives. Your an incredible teacher Donna, just know that you do make a wonderful difference! Love Ya!!

  2. I don't mean this to sound bad, but it is comforting (or maybe not?- depends on how you look at it) for a first- year teacher to know that even after HUNDREDS of years of teaching, you still have days like this. My daily resolve has become, "I try my best. . ." It is so hard to know little snippets of what is going on in their homes and not constantly worry about them and for them.

  3. Lana, thanks SO much for the encouragement.
    Ashley, I do firmly believe that the great teachers always worry and continually try to do their best each day for each kid...even after HUNDREDS of years teaching! :>)