Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We have studied the Native Americans and Pilgrims for 2 weeks, getting ready for Thanksgiving.  They learned the whole story with hand gestures.  This is a new skill for me and it works really well.  Will be using it more and more.  I tell a part of the story with the hand gestures...BIG hand gestures, the bigger the better...and then we practice together and then they teach each other.  By this time all I have to do is how the hand gesture if they forget something.  Very "handy".  :>)
We ate together in the classroom for our Thanksgiving meal.
Just a few of the cute Pilgrims and Native Americans that joined us for the meal.  (Here's another reason it is time to retire:  we bought cute Pilgrim hats for all the boys and FORGOT to put them on them! )

Of course we had pumpkin pie!  Even had enough for the cold lunchers!
And then there are these two old and happy Pilgrims.
Hope and pray that you have much to be thankful for this season and that you enjoy it all. 
I am thankful to all of you who are reading my blog.  It is very encouraging.


  1. You and Stevie are both an encouragement to me. I am thankful for my children who both came home with 100's on there spelling tests today. One child who, in the past, we wondered if he would ever read or spell. The other child who wouldn't leave my side until she found out school was fun. BTW, still tells me she's an artist and she can sing too. I guess this is what she thinks makes a good teacher.

  2. Kristy, Keilan came down to show us his 100%. Hard words! We all celebrated and clapped for him. He was proud I was wearing the blue and gold. :>)