Friday, February 4, 2011

Penguins and Poop on the Carpet

Today's Fun Friday was all about penguins. They made a penguin craft with a poem, learned lots of facts and made penguin crowns and tried waddling with an "egg" balanced on their feet. They learned about the equator and the northern and southern hemispheres and reviewed the continents by singing the song we learned earlier.

Here are a few of the cuties with their crowns.

Look at those faces!

Lucky for the penguin population, we aren't responsible for continuing the species, because we just couldn't get the hang of waddling with an "egg" on our matter how we held our hands or mouths!

And now to the poop on the carpet part that I'm sure you have been waiting for. When it was time to clean up after recess, the group on the carpet with the big building blocks were not cleaning up. They were all huddled about. Enter the teacher:
T-"Why aren't you guys cleaning up? Recess is over."
kid-"There's poop on the carpet." (teacher spies a suspicious brown lump but prefers to not process this information completely at this time)
T-"There is not." (sometimes denial works...)
kid-"Yes, there is."
T-"How do you know?"
kid-"Because it tastes like it!"

I'll give you a moment to compose yourself.

Really. Seriously???? BEST case scenario is that he meant to say, "Because it smells like it." Another interesting bit is that none of the other kids questioned the tasting declaration. They just all got in line to go to the bathroom (albeit a little late for someone it seems!) and on to music class. Yes. This is part of my job...and 10 minutes later a parent came in for a conference and I had to put on the seriously professional persona. What kind of things will compare to this after I retire????

After school, Stevie and I went for our annual mammograms. These are best done with a buddy. All went smoothly and we celebrated with a tour of the back roads of Morgantown (in a futile attempt to avoid the traffic at 5:00), Happy Meals from Mickey D's and a small ice cream cone from the DQ!
On the drive home, we saw this beautiful sunset. Even God was smiling on our day.

PS. It was poop!


  1. Speechless, but the sunset is beautiful.

  2. Speechless from laughing probably.

  3. You are really spicing up our sleepy sabbath afternoon here. My daughter actually shrieked -

    And please - how CAN you retire?

  4. I'm sure the "intersting" will find me wherever I am...