Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorate - Undecorate

So, Stevie got me this really cute little tree...kind of primitive looking.  I finally got it pretty much fluffed up and have been making ornaments to decortate it with.  I think it looks pretty good and I have it on my work table in the bedroom where I can see it and enjoy it last thing at night and first thing in the morning...and all the time I spend in there reading and crafting!  Don't you think it looks pretty cute?

All my lovely handmade ornaments.

All it well, UNTIL I get home from church today and find this:
Sweet little tree with one of it's "bulbs" chewed off, but rescued, thank goodness!

And even sadder, I find this:

Poor little birdie with a broken wing...and he was sopping wet...he is safe and drying out now.

So, there is no way that our BIG dog, Mercy, would get up there and take these ornaments off.  She could very easily.  She stands nearly as tall as me on her hind legs, but she is extremely timid and the slightest slide of the tree would terrorize her beyond all reason.
There is no way that our oldest cat, Becan, would get up there because she has some arthritis in one of her shoulders and is essentially ground bound.  She can climb up onto the bed, but there is nothing to help her climb up on a table that is about a 3 foot jump from floor to top.
There is, perhaps, some way that our newest kitty, PHiG, could jump up there, but she has not ever been witnessed in this act.
That leaves our 2 year old tomcat, Skippy Jo Lohr.  This is a cat who likes to play fetch with balls of paper.  This is a cat who terrorizes our big dog in the middle of the night and leaps on her in the day time to play.  This is a cat who could and would take each ornament off the tree and drop it in front of Mercy to chew up.  He is that kind of kitty.  He is this kind of kitty:
Helping ?!?!!?!? me make a basket!

Enjoying the finished product.  I mean, really.  Look at that face daring me to take him out of there.

So, I have deduced that Skippy Jo Lohr is the culprit even though Mercy did the damage.  My little husband came home from a short trip out this afternoon while I was at school doing lesson plans and found about 4 more of them off the tree and one of them deposited very near Mercy's favorite bed in the living room!  What a cat. 
We will be going to plan B with the Christmas tree.  Don't know what it is yet, but Plan A is not working out all that well.
Really, sometimes the furry family is just like kids!  


  1. hahahahahahahaha I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO funny!! He is trying to get Mercy in trouble!!

  2. Oh, yeah! And Mercy just looks at me, like, "What? He gave it to me."

  3. Funny that you post this. When we got home this evening from the Christmas program at church we had a somewhat similar incident. I opened the door and there was wrapping paper and cardboard ripped to shreds all over the living room. Upon further inspection this is what we discovered: 1 large box of Christmas Nerds strewn about the room, box shredded. 1 box of chocolates unwrapped and eaten (chocolate wrappers and all), tissue paper and bag torn to shreds. Other gift from within the bag nicely placed back under the Christmas tree. Neither of the dogs here have confessed so maybe Skippy Jo Lohr visited my house, too! Good thing I just got my Dyson!

  4. You should just rename Axle...The Axe! He seems so meek and mild most of the time...

  5. I think Echo had some part in it, too. But they're not turning on one another so I guess we may never know...