Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why Do I Cry?

My little husband and I got to go watch the Mountaineers play basketball this afternoon.  I don't get to go very often so I always look forward to the pregame festivities.  They show a retrospective video on the giant big screen, they do the National Anthem, they roll out the carpet and the Mountaineers run onto the floor.  I cry.
At the Buckwheat Festival parades the high school ROTC leads the parade carrying our flag, the high school bands from 300 strong to 30 strong march by, the contestants in the bike decorating contest ride by.  I cry.
I remember vividly being at Camden Park (the amusement park that was big time in Huntington, WV before the BIG amusement parks) with the Preston County Special Olympics team for the state summer games 20 years ago and watching fireworks with kids who were amazed and listening to another Special Olympian sing the National Anthem.  My heart was strangely warmed.  I cried.
I can remember being in Peru on a teacher exchange for 7 weeks one summer and hearing the Star Spangled banner played by a Peruvian band to honor we few Americans in their midst.  I cried.
Watching kids I have taught play basketball, volleyball, soccer, run and sing and do art and science and social studies fairs.  I cry.
Seeing someone who thought they couldn't find out that they can...I cry.
The good news is that I cry alot! 
Life is good.
Gotta go get a tissue.
Tell me what makes you cry....I already have my tissue!


  1. On Friday they had an award ceremony for the science and social studies fair, and I cried. Whenever Gabriel has a performance at church or school I cry. I'm right there with you. It just means you have a big heart!

  2. I knew there was a reason I love you!

  3. Touching moments, unexpected cards, coffee commercials at Christmas time (they have it in for me!) commercials, ninja hugs that take me by surprise, certain songs, when the kids perform, and every time I cross the Michigan state line- I cry. :-)

  4. Welcome to the club...we need a name!

  5. Yeah. Me too. And I'll tell you, when I was pregnant, and sometimes when I'm sick, I can cry at a flipping TV commercial if it shows me a family, or a sweet moment. So there are times I'm more vulnerable than others. ONe time, I was on tour with the band - two of my kids were in it in those days - and they were competing in some little festival. The played a magnificent arrangement of "A Mighty Fortress" and they did so well, so monumentally well - it was beautiful and huge and ringing, and it was like the floor opened under my feet and I was seeing the whole potential of the entire world - and I wept like a child and couldn't speak for half an hour afterwards.

    I think we are moved by the nobility of the soul, and by courage, and by mercy and kindness.

    I think we are fierce in our crying.

  6. Thanks, K. You always have wonderful words. I cry at commercials all the time. We don't have a TV so I never get numb to them.

  7. Donna, I'm definitely a member of the crying club! There are a lot of songs that capture my heart and make the tears spill-- oh, and I'm the teacher that gets crazy looks after a kid says something that strikes me, that they don't even realize/ or is beyond their comprehension... Sometimes I explain, and sometimes when I can't find the words, it's my "allergies." lol