Thursday, June 9, 2011

Packing a Career

So, it has been a long couple of days trying to pack up my teaching career.  I have been touching all my stuff and thinking and remembering...and deciding if it stays or goes with me.
What?  Why would it go with me you ask....
It's my stuff.  I have used it and loved it and seen kids learn with it and have fun.
Who else will it be important to?  Everyone has their own way...not as good as my way, of course, but still - oh, just kidding!  I absolutely cannot stand the idea of my good stuff getting tossed.  Can't stand it at all.  So, I am packing.
Also, I might like to teach a college course or help with homeschoolers somehow or give it all to my neice who says she is going to be a teacher or if all else fails, get it packaged prettily and sell it to someone else who will love and use it...and I can go places...Slovenia, places.
Who else will love the shiny colors and round circles?  Who else will want to see the joy in kid's faces as they put them over their eyes to see the world in new colors or when they double them up to make new colors...what happy dicoveries.

Who else will see the world of possibilities in a tin of used crayons?  And boy oh boy, do I wish you could smell the smell when I open that huge tin.  As powerful as the mimeo smell.  Different entirely, but just as powerful.

I am making progress.  Don't you love how it always looks worse first?  The stacks are books that have my name in them...LOVE kids books.  Can't leave them behind.  Can't.  And this is just one of the sections of stacks...yikes.  :-)

Did find these lovely stacking boxes that are sturdy and see through.  Of course they aren't quite wide enough for two books...I'm thinking I need some smaller ones so I can have "collections"...yes.  That's the ticket.

And then there's the other stuff that doesn't stack all that well. Sigh.

And, OH, the stuff you find...spiders (yes, I know he only has six legs, but I could not squeeze another pipe cleaner in the bead hole, but he is still awfully cute) AND ... well, the hair! 

I am going to work on being that skinny again, though...
So, I am not done with the packing and perhaps I will show you the completed look in a couple of days.  Got a party to decorate for and attend first!

Interesting that new beginnings are always attached to endings....interesting and full.


  1. Chaz' best friend, who is moving out here in a couple of weeks (Chaz is driving back from Ohio with her) just graduated as an art teacher. So I know somebody who would just LOVE to go through all your treasures. Heck, I'd love to go through them myself, but you've seen my craft space. HA. Space? The books. Boy, howdy, the books. You could power a library with those. You, my dear, are a walking treasure trove. And that skinny young thing could NEVER have hefted this much - it takes YEARS to get strong enough to do that.

    Just - wow.

  2. Boy howdy??? Did you spend time in my mountains as a young person? I would have thought that that expression was local, but I just checked with my husband and he never heard it...interesting.
    I didn't even get into my crafty stuff cabinet yet. What in bloomin' blazes am I going to do with all this stuff????
    What part of Ohio? I'm pretty durn close to Ohio...Chazi and friend (is it Chelsea? Did I just read a post about them meeting online gaming?) can come to the party Saturday! :-)
    I hardly remember that skinny young thing, and you are so right...she was no where near as strong as me any way!
    When we moved to NM, we rented the biggest
    U-Haul and fully 1/4 of the truck was full of my school stuff. Since then I added a stint as a 4th grade teacher and accumulated all the needed stuff for that grade level. I'm not a hoarder though, right?

  3. How bitter sweet! It looks like you will be greatly missed (I glanced at the previous posts). :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Thanks, Debbie. So glad you came to read and commented.

  5. Donna, there's a lot of good energy in all your goodies, I know you will find just the right home for every treasure. When I saw the beautiful colored dots, I thought how fun they would be spun into a skein of yarn! I'd be happy to do this for you, you deserve a little something. (If this appeals to you,send me your email addy through my blog comments, I wont post it publicly of course)

  6. I came into teaching late (mid-forties) just as three dear friends were retiring from teaching. They continue to bring me things over these six years. I know the ones trickling in now were particularly loved,which is why it took them this long to part with them. Always they make me smile and wonder how I will ever part with them when my time comes.
    Blessings on your retirement!

  7. I was just at the school packing some more (and getting a bit overwhelmed) but I just cannot leave the things I am packing.
    I am finding it interesting how my mind is still churning with ways to use what I am packing and new people to use the old ideas with...It will all work out and perhaps eventually, I will be able to part with my things...perhaps.

  8. Well, first of all, my grandmother, who was Alabama/Missouri through and through, lived with us till I was in eighth grade. And I'm from Missouri, my own self. And second of all - Andy of Mayberry, you know. Don't know exactly where I picked it up, but it's in there. Honey, if this is hoarding, there are an awful lot of people out there who need to hang a sign to that effect on their workshops and quilting rooms and craft closets. When you pick a rich trade, anyway, you're going to amass a whole lot of tools and raw materials. It's natural. You do NOT want to be unnatural.

    Chelsea's family has been Char the Full Tourist Treatment out there. And if I had read this soon enough, they'd have been sorely tempted to head to the party. But something about this last two weeks has de-hinged my mind, and I am spinning like a top.

    Ideas. They're like fish. Lots of fish.

  9. Speaking of fish, I added a couple more to the below here area and found out that if you click in the "pond" they come to
    Yes. The ideas keep coming, but I am fending them off for the time being in favor of relaxing. Maybe I should write them down to be considered later.
    Glad Chazi is getting to see this part of the country and hope she is enjoying it all!

  10. Packing a career...I can't wrap my head around it. Like K said, just - wow!

    We have one of those tins full of broken crayons, though likely not as impressive as the one you have grown. And the colourful circles, you could drill holes through them and string them in the garden :-) For the record, it is NOT hoarding if there is creative potential in the stash. Really, I think that should be part of the clinical definition, if only so that us crafty types could breath a little easier.

  11. WSW, Melissa is going to do something fun for me. I am sending the dots to her today. Now that is something I can't wrap my head around. We have never met and yet she wants to do this...yes, blogging is a good thing!
    And for sure, all of my "stuff" has potential!
    So, I will breathe easier, go buy more plastic boxes and keep packing!

  12. Spun into a skein of yarn?!?! Oh my, if this is what she's up to, I can't wait to see the result!!!! And then see what it becomes when it comes back to you. WHAT a story that yarn will have to tell! YAY, Melissa! YAY,Donna!

  13. I know, right? And the news gets even better, because I convinced her sweet self that I absolutely can not knit at all...'cause I can't...and it would have to be just a lovely garland with possibilities, so, now I think she is going to make it into something amazing for me! Can. Not. Wait.

  14. Hmmm. I need to chase down Melissa.

  15. Why? Do you have ideas? Do you need dots?