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Monday, April 4, 2011

Anniversary Honeymoon

Every year my little husband and I try to take an anniversary honeymoon trip.  It isn't usually anything fancy or far away, but it is a time for us.  This year the goal was to go south...ending up at Tamarack to deliver some art on Monday.  That was as detailed as the plan got.  No reservations or deadlines.  An atlas and a tank of gas.
So, Saturday morning we start out.  After about 50 miles of lovely windy WV roads through Rowlesburg and Parsons on our way to Thomas, we run into a winter wonderland!  Yes, this is April.  I LOVE living in a place that you can have snow 6 months out of the year...really.
It was an amazing snow!  When we finally drove out of it, I realized that we had travelled 100 miles in 4 hours!
We spent the night in a tiny little hotel in Hot Springs, VA because we saw a sign on the fence of the Bath County High School, made out of plastic cups stuffed into their chainlink cyclone fence saying, "Bluegrass Music-Tonight".  Seemed perfect since my little husband is working hard to learn to play the banjo.  They were serving a BBQ and bean soup dinner with homemade brownies!  And sweet tea...we were in the south.  The food and the music were good and we were home in time to watch the semi final NCAA games!  Oh, and it was really spring there already...blooming trees abundant.  Look at some of the signs of spring...farms getting ready to burst forth and waterfalls already gushing forth!

The next morning we headed to Lewisburg and White Sulphur Springs.  My little husband had never been to the Greenbrier.  Everyone should go to the Greenbrier.  It makes me proud to be a West Virginia all over again when I see this amazing place.  Since Jim Justice took it over it has been given new life.  I got teary eyed at how special they made us feel when all we wanted to do was look around.  It was like Mr. Justice had told his entire staff, "These are my people and you will make them feel welcome."  They had lovely fresh flowers all around inside and evidence of the deer nibbling the flowers on the outside.

On the way there we passed Seneca Rocks, another impressive piece of WV.   I LOVE my state.

All of this travelling about made me happy again that WV is my home.
We headed toward Beckley, took a walk around Tamarack and spent some time getting my artwork ready to sell to them.  This prep kind of stuff is my least favorite part of being a crafts, I still feel  a little sad leaving "them" with someone I don't know.  I know.  I know.  Can't help it.
My buyer bought all 5 pieces I took with me.  Hope they find good homes.
Mostly, I had a wonderful time with my little husband and it is always fun to go away so you can experience the joy of coming home!
Really, just staying in a hotel, sleeping in a bed with no pet hairs, having fancy folded towels and a TV for a few nights is vacation enough for me!
Glad to be home with my little husband!  Here's to the next year....


  1. Happy Anniversary! Can't believe it's been 12 years! Amazing. :) Here's to the next 12.

  2. Thanks, Anne! It has flown by...

  3. oh, donna, what a great purpose for a trip!! many more honeymoon anniversaries to go!

  4. Thanks! We are looking forward to many more...

  5. Lovely trip. I ache to go, too. A little rest and a face load of beauty sounds pretty dang good right about now.

  6. Kristen, let me know when you want a personal tour of my beautiful state. I would love to share it with you! Maybe you will be in my neck of the woods on your next book tour....

  7. If we wait for that, we'll both be dead. I have so much genealogy down that way - mostly SC, GA, AL. But all those states had to come from Virginia at some time or other. Maybe I'll come skatin' down. I wanted to make that trip with my mom, but never did . . .

  8. Well, let's not wait THAT long, then. Anytime you get close to WV, just let me know! I'll be retired, doncha know? And have some flexible time on my hands!