Thursday, April 14, 2011


OK.  You are going to have to stay with me here.
Long ago, in a galaxy far away...oh, no, just long ago, we took the tile out of the bathroom because it had not been properly installed.  We went down to the plywood subfloor.  Today, my little husband is putting some new flooring down.  I'm a little sad.
OK.  Still with me? 
So, as I viewed that floor over and over I began to find things...interesting things, cute things and just plain things.
This is how I get some of my Whimsical Woolie ideas.  Really.  You gotta get them somewhere and I find it a good idea to be open to getting them anywhere.
I know.  A little weird, but have a look.    I outlined a few of my favorites and took pictures for posterity (and you!).
Crazy chihuahua doggie or mouse or bilby!

Parrot on a branch...

Pretty dog...sit!

Can you see them?  Look a little bit petroglyphic in these photos...light was questionable and not much room to manuver in there.
OK.  So, there you have it...shall I post this on Creative Friday?  :-)


  1. Absolutely, post them. How funny - I have a piece just like this I haven't done yet. maybe I'll do it tomorrow and we can be a pair. You never saw the one I wrote about the shape on the shower window, did you? I know exactly what you mean - seeing things in wallpaper and tile and cracks in the sidewalk.

  2. Ok. I will have to see if I can find it again. No. I haven't seen the one about your shower window.
    My dad used to play the scribble game with me. He drew a "scribble" and then I had to make something out of that by adding details...priceless. I do it with the kids at school. We call them squiggles and then they write about what they created.

  3. OK. Is it Creative Friday at Natural Suburbia?

  4. Hey,
    Found you on Creative Friday. Love your post, I can see myself in this. Getting some sort of inspiration from an odd place gets me all giddy. I get it, I totally get it.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "Forrest-Dweller" Duvall
    The Handmade Homemaker

  5. Are you finding the pictures or are the pictures finding you? I wonder if you do any sculpting? I think you would be good at it, you are a good listener, hearing what something wants to become.

  6. Hello Melissa and Carrie! I'm so happy you found me and now I am going to find you and be happier still. I love finding creative friends!

  7. Hello Donna! How beautiful and inspiring simple drawings!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Have a lovely weekend! Teje

  8. I think I will have to change my profile picture so that you can see my Mercy dog.

  9. Melissa, I haven't tried sculpting in anything more substantial than paper or felt, but I do love the surprise that happens as these creations become.

  10. Love them,, just came from K's blog. My boys are always telling me about all those incredible figures they see, in the sand, on their plate etc. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

  11. Thanks. I was encouraged as a child and have tried to encourage all the kids that I have touched...imagination will get you through some tough places...with fun!