Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God's Gift

God has gifted me with creativity.  I am not a whole or happy person if I don't get to make something on a fairly regular basis.  Teaching kindergarten has been a perfect job because it requires tons of creativity daily!  Every once in awhile, I get to share God's gift to me with someone else in a special way.
Several years ago a good friend at work had to do battle with cancer.  She won!  But it was ugly, as usual.  In an attempt to be with her when I couldn't be and offer support when she needed some, I made her a Zoe.  Zoe means life.  Zoe's are soft and squeezable for when you need a hand to squeeze, but can't reach one.  Zoe's are sweet and loveable, calm and courageous...just like life.
So, on one side of the Zoe, there is a lamb, with scripture references that offer comfort.  On the other side is a lion, with scripture references that offer courage.
Comfort and courage...both are needed when doing battle. 
My friend LOVES her Zoe.  She has shared it with a couple of good friends in need since I gave it to her.  She and I both cry anytime we talk about how special the Zoe is.  On Friday, she asked me to make one for another friend of ours at school whose father has had a stroke and has a long hard battle before him.  She couldn't live without hers for the time they were going to need the comfort and courage.  She asked them for scriptures that were meaningful to them and the whole family participated so that it will mean something to each person in the family as they all join to fight this battle together.

As always, things evolve.  Here are pictures of the very first Zoe and the very last one.  I have made several others in between.  I keep trying to make one for me to keep, but someone else always needs it more than me.


And then God had another little word for me.  My first friend asked how much it would cost and I gave her a price.  Later that evening I hear from God..."Really?  You are charging to share what you have been given freely?"
Ok.  No.
I just pray that this little Zoe brings comfort and courage as needed.


  1. What a girl you are. I love these. someday, the heck I'LL make you one. And don't you love it when the spirit butts in that way? "Pick that person up - can't you see she's walking in heels that are WRONG for this area?" "Don't eat that." "Shhhhh- not a word." "Call her. Just call her."

    I love that you know these things, too. And I love that you are kind. I used to say to my kids. "You're smart. That's a gift from God. Why did he make you smart? Yep - so that you could HELP OTHER PEOPLE."

    Sheep and shepherdess. Not bad.

  2. I do love hearing from the Spirit...and he has a sense of humor. Once when I was once again trying to lose weight and had been praying for help, we went to our favorite eatery (where they bring our drinks without even asking what we want) before a meeting and they took so long to wait on us that we had to leave for our meeting. As I was complaining to my little husband I "hear" from God...."Didn't you ask me to help you eat less?" Yeah. Funny guy, that.
    I have one more Zoe cut out and ready to go for the next need!

  3. These are wonderful...what an awesome idea!! I love it.Do you have an Etsy shop? I think they would be wonderful and people would love to be able to buy them for friends and family who are going through trying times as your friend.That doesn't mean you can't donate as many as you want to those who may need a hand to squeeze....great retirement craft income!
    thanks for stopping by my blog home =)

  4. I am trying to work up the courage to try etsy...any suggestions?
    I am thankful for the encouragement. I will be looking forward to more crafting after retirement.
    Come back again to my blog!

  5. K sent me. Darling Zoe's. You might enjoy this boy's story: http://www.ryanslion.org/ryans-lion-organization

  6. Thanks so much for coming to enjoy the Zoe's. I am going now to check out Ryan's Lions.

  7. Ryan's Lions are a very similar idea...yippee! More joy, comfort and courage in the world.