Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey, Mrs. Lohr!

Today, I found something else I might miss, besides the hugs and smiles. 
I might miss when they call my name in wonder, in need, with pride or tears.
I might miss those moments of discovery and wonder when I get to introduce them to a new skill or idea...and that is harder than it used to be with so many of them able to travel more and be on the computer more.  Actually, many of the things that are new to them are "old" planting tree seedlings, or painting with water on the walls outside to see it evaporate, or playing with magnets.
I might miss when they need me to affirm them, even though I work very hard to teach them to trust themselves and believe in themselves.
I might miss when they call my name to show me something they have done so that I can share their joy, and hugs and smiles!
I might miss when they come to be soothed after a hurt.
I might even miss hearing, "Hey, Teacher!  Look what I did!"


  1. See? You are a parent. Exactly what I write about the four people who used to live here once.

  2. It seems perhaps, that parenting, like family, doesn't have to be biological.

  3. No. It definitely doesn't have to be biological. It's in the investment. It's all about the investment. Many biological parents aren't invested at all - you can see that in your students. An adult who sacrifices out of their essential resources on a regular basis, who is set to give up a great deal of their personal privilege and intent for the continuing good of a child - who put the child first on the list, who read the faces and the needs inside the child and who are dedicated to the life of the child - those are parents.

  4. You are so right about being able to tell who has "parents" at home and those that don't get the best love we can give them here.