Friday, April 29, 2011

"Hey, Is This Kind Of Like Science?"

Fun Friday once again and even more appreciated this week than most!  Today we were volcanologists.  Earlier in the week, after some team work coloring and tree making (it can get hot out there on the beach), we landed on the big island and got the customary leis.

Today we first did some fact finding and discussing, looking at the globe and maps.  We took an online quiz and got 100%!  And then....we made the volcanoes...
Here, let me help you.

Am I doing this right?

Let the eruptions begin....


Well, look at that.


Look at that!  Not a great photo, but great emotion!

Oozily, woozily wonderment! 

Had to laugh when in the middle of this whole event one of them says, "Hey, is this kind of like science?"  Yeah...kind of! 


  1. Hey - is this kind of like science? I've gotta send Chaz this piece - she'll roll on the floor! Talk about stealth teaching. And the delight in those faces!! Hoop-Hurrah! SCORE!

  2. Not being a science teacher, I could only give them the basics of why it was oozing...could have used Chaz in my class yet again!

  3. Lydia and Craig made one of these for Aidan too. He wanted one so badly. Enjoy those speechless moments. They are few and far between. ;)

  4. I'm glad she shared her joy with Aidan and I'm sorry you weren't here to hear the speechless moment, but at least you got to see it!