Sunday, April 17, 2011

Look What I Made! Petunia...

Since it is the beginning of my Spring Break...last one of these, and really one of the few of these I have ever had as a teacher in a snowy county...I didn't have to go to work and do lesson plans this afternoon so I had some time to create a "fine feathered friend"...those of you of a certain age will remember that song and that ducks my be somebody's mothers...just sayin'.  Anyway, I made this so cute pink bird of possibility.  She has so much personality and kept looking at me to take her picture, but I couldn't really get a very good one...I tried...a lot!  Thank the Lord for digital!  Here she is...presenting Petunia!

Don't you just love her?  Doesn't she look like she wants to talk to you?  She is getting ready to migrate and I am sure I will miss her...more pink birds of possibility are in my future, I'm thinking!

And my new favorite thing to make...bird legs!  They have so much personality!


  1. What a face! Pert eyes. Love the legs. This girl really does feel like she wants to tell you something. Isn't that amazing, when you take a bunch of materials and end up with a someone? Tell her she shouldn't fly far, though - I wouldn't trust those wings on a very long haul =

  2. I am home from my trip...happy girl! Petunia does have a bit of a trip ahead of her, but I arranged for her to be carried instead of having to fly and she is going to be so happy when she gets there.

  3. Hello Donna! Petunia is so sweet and qute! and you're right, there is something really qute with the legs! I used just some small pieces of branch.
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Happy Easter! Teje