Thursday, April 7, 2011

:-) :-o :-( You Decide!

What a day! 
We are registering kindergarten kids for next year and this is usually a little on the tense side as you see what is coming up for the next year...not so much for me this year.  Whole thing more enjoyable over all.  Had one parent talk to me and tell me her daughter had informed them last night that she was going to school today to be in Mrs. Lohr's class.  They explained to her that I was retiring and she would have another teacher.  She said the little girl just cried and cried.  Awww.  Remember the little guy from last year who has been stopping in for a hug and kiss on the head this week?  It's his sister.  Today, when he stopped in he quizzed me on the whole retirement thing?  "What?  Retired?!  You won't be here for my sister?"  Ouch.  I told the mother to call anytime if she needed anything next year - even if I wasn't there.
At my lunch break one of my darlings had an accident in his pants so my aide brought him up and went back with the rest of the class.  Stevie took care of him and he was sitting at a table in the room where we eat lunch and all of a sudden we hear  him having a conversation...really, a conversation.  We were confused since no one else was in the room.  We look...mystery solved:
Urgent call on the banana phone!  What?  Seriously.  He was having a conversation!

So, then after school, I went to Terra Alta talk to the doctor about finding a good nutritionist. Even though I am just pleasantly plump and healthy, I would prefer to be healthy and svelte!  Anyway, as I was leaving town, I pass this sign.  I had to turn around, go back and take a picture...
That has to make you smile...or even laugh out loud!
I mean, really, it's at a pharmacy...gotta be true, right?
Can you even imagine what they might be?  Velcroed together so you can rip them off faster? 
Made out of netting?  What do you think?

And last, but so very much not the least, I got a wonderful heartfelt felt heart from a special blog friend.  It is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE it!
So, that was the kind of day I had.  How was yours?

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  1. "heartfelt felt heart" - MARVELOUS!!! I am delighted!