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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back From the Retirement Board

We had a wonderful visit with the powers that be in Charleston.  Every single person we talked to was friendly and helpful!  Here is a quick photo journal of the day:
Here we are about to begin the journey...wondering if I'm sleepy eyed or nervous? 

First stop is the flowershop in Bruceton to get two lovely arrangements for our "advisorss".

Here we are!  And they just put that whole sign up on the wall very recently.  Probably just for us.

Ready to meet and deliver the flowers.

Tammy and I. 

Stephanie and Stevie.  And evidently the pairings were perfect.  Stevie met her match for speed talking, with Stephanie...they finished before Tammy and I!

Last stop was the PEIA building.  It was not a planned stop, but helpful.

 So, it all went well and I am readier than ever.  I have said it over and over since we left the Retirement Board..."I can hardly believe that for the rest of my life I will be getting a check that I can live on and I don't have to work any more."  How amazing is that?
We went on to Columbus and had a fast, furious and fun couple of days with Amy.  And we survived a tornado siren in the middle of the night!  I got my book and my sewing supplies to take with me to the basement, but we just stayed upstairs and laughed!  Not too smart, right?  Gotta do better...don't want to lose out on all that retirement money!  :-)

Amazed and relaxed and full of expectations for the next chapter....ahhh.


  1. Pretty pictures! Glad you had a good visit. It doesn't seem real to me so I can't imagine how it feels to the both of you!! :)

  2. Hardly seems real to me either, but I'm getting used to the idea. Really should have taken our personal photographer with us...had to hand off the camera to strangers.

  3. Maybe I shouldn't have quit, all those years ago. A check you can live on - and then you can just sit around like I do all day, playing with buttons? I've got the button part, but no dang CHECK!! Well, hon, you've earned it. Putting your stamp on hundreds and hundreds of young minds - firing them up with love of learning, wonder, excitement for the possibilities of life, kindness - baby, you're cheap at the price.

  4. Thanks for the affirmation...again! You are so good at that!

  5. Thanks to you, Donna, I can get to hear and see a bit what`s Stevie is up to:) Hugs to both of you!