Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anniversary #12

On Thursday, April 1 (yes, April Fool's kidding!), twelve years ago, I married my sweet little husband. I was 43. It was my first and only marraige. I waited so long for a husband that I almost never call him anything but Husband.  He was so worth waiting for.
He is my best boy friend, my knight in shining armor and a Godly man. He is patient with all my flightyness. He is gentle with my self-doubt.  He encourages me.  I grow stronger and better.  He trusts me.  I trust him.  He protects me.  I feel safe.  He lifts me up.  I see new possibilities.  He never raises his voice and we love being together - quietly, by ourselves.  I don't know a single other person who I can spend all my time with.
He shows me daily love at its best.
I thank God for him in my life!
Happy Anniversary, my Husband.


  1. Oh - I missed this one. What a sweet tribute. And I'll show it to Chaz, who thinks she'll never get married. Donna - what you've got? worth waiting for.

  2. No, no. Never give up. Well, no, that's not right. I did give up my trying to find Mr. Right and then God dropped him in my lap. God's funny like that.