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Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank You, Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny made a little girl's day today...a little girl who desperately needs to believe someone loves her especially  At the end of the day, when I told her I had found this bag and it had something in it with her name on it, she was wary.  I handed it to her and she pulled out the bunny ears.  Her face was transformed from the almost always cautiously hopeful face we see, to glorious joy! 
"You got me ears!?" 
"No, I didn't get you ears.  What does that note say?"
She reads:  E.....Happy Easter, Love, Easter Bunny
She turns back to me...
"It was really you, right?"
"No.  Do I have any cotton tail on my butt?"
"It's from the Easter Bunny?"
"That's what it says."
Smile continues with a bit of wonder thrown in...

So, for $1.00 a little girl goes home happy!
Thanks, Easter Bunny.  You're the best!
And here is the Easter Bunny from the calendar I made this year...
Have a Monstrously Whimsical and Wonderful Year


  1. What a great thing. How often do I think - for the price of practically nothing, I could have changed things for this person. And you did it. Bless your heart, you always do it.

  2. Thank you and to all the other teachers who made some little person's day special.

  3. I really didn't do it...I sort of arranged for it to be done, but the $1.00 wasn't mine.
    It's good to share the joy!