Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Smiles and Hugs

So, I have been thinking if there might be things I will miss when I retire.
I will miss the smiles on little faces and the hugs of little arms.
I realized I would miss the smiles on the day last week that I walked into the building where they were sitting and waiting to be dismissed to classes and my gang spied me and broke in to such genuine heart warming smiles and waves.  I got some wetness in my eyes...had to go and put my stuff down and come back to get them.  I always get them early (but I am usually in the building before they are and don't get to walk through the gym while they are there) so they don't have to sit in the gym on the floor and it is the time we can visit with each other before the day officially begins.
I will miss the smiles when they see each other.  I will miss the smiles when they are telling me a story.  I will miss the smiles when they are up to something ornery!
And the just can't have too many of those.  That I know.  I am wondering if you can have too few.  I have one little girl who LOVES to hug especially.  It has been an ongoing "problem" all year to get her to not jump up in the middle of a lesson or story or whatever and come to give me a hug...very tricky and such a wonderful little dilemma, right?   Most of them are good with hugs...on the way in the door, on the way out of the door, just in passing.  One of my sweetie pies from last year has been stopping in the past 2 days to get his morning hug and a kiss on the head.  What a blessing to be able to get his day off to a happy start.
Who will do that for him or any of them next year?
Hmmmm...I will miss the smiles and hugs.


  1. What a fun, strange font you've switched to. And what a heart-wrenching piece of writing.

    You will, you know.

    I did, too.

  2. I love my new funky font.
    Maybe I can love on the kids in my new little neighborhood...where we are building our retirement home...

  3. You'll always need kids around. I think I'm interested more in the six months AFTER retirement. I want to see what happens.

  4. You and me both! I have a trip to Dollywood and San Antonio planned in August and October...oh, and a house to build!