Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring is Springing at Shangri La Ti Da

I went out to Shangri La Ti Da to plant a new raspbery bush, for Earth Day, even though it is cloudy, windy and 40 degrees!
While there I took a few photos of Spring springing...
Last year we planted 3 fruit trees...the beginnings of our, peach and plum. 
No idea which this is.

The other one is pink.

And beautiful! 
The deer pulled the last one out of the ground or knocked it over or something.
We have 2 bluebird houses.  The first one has 4 eggs.

The next one has a brave and protective mama sitting on her nest. 
I just stuck the lens in the hole to take this flash, didn't want to totally traumatize her.

Later, when I saw her fly away, I went back and found these 5 eggs! 
9 more bluebirds coming soon!

I don't like onions all that much, but I am loving the curliness going on here.

Here's the raspberry bush. 
The one we planted last year has 5 new little canes coming up.

Can you see the dirt under the fingernails?  I should probably learn to use gloves,
but I really love the way the dirt feels and smells....

So, even thought it is cloudy, windy and 40 degrees, I do believe Spring is springing!
Happy Earth Day.
PS for those of you who don't know...the property where we are building our retirement home was named Shangri La Ti Da last year...our own little piece of paradise!


  1. Oh very beautiful!! And I LOVE the momma on her eggs - how sweet! I can't believe she didn't fly away - she's a good mommy!

  2. Thanks, Connie. I love it when you think I took a good picture!

  3. Phooey. Thought I had commented. (Smack self in forehead)

    The photos are really good (no surprise). But the ones of the birds' eggs - impossible and charming and amazing. Curly unions. Wonderful. Having an Eden of your own, all tucked away and waiting? Sooooo nice.

  4. The benefits of a small camera...I just opened the door of the birdhouse and stuck it inside with the eggs.
    My garden has a name, too...have you noticed that I name things? It is called the Garden of Eatin'! Sign will have to be repainted this year since I didn't protect it with anything...duh.