Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! (or is that Hoppy Easter?)

Easter is a celebration of joy and hope and promise.  It is the most amazing act of love ever.  It is when I realize and am struck anew how much my God loves me...and you!  I am praying that your day was blessed and that you were a blessing to someone today.  Each of you who reads and comments here is a blessing to me.
Now.  On to the cute bunny...
I made it into a pin to wear. 
I'm fairly pleased with my first attempt, but have 2 more cut out to work on.


  1. AHA!! You put that felt to charming use!! YAYAYAYAY!! It has been quite a dense day. Church was very emotional. Scripture reading provocative. I love it when I start my 13 year old class with a question that sounds very, very easy. They don't realize how impossible it is to answer until they've started and stopped many times. "What is the Christ?" I asked them today. And was unkind enough not to be satisfied with the first answer: "Jesus." It took us forty minutes to back up and get together an answer that would help them past the knee jerk response into the deep waters of profound meaning. I never want them to have the right answers. I want them to really look.

    And by that journey, I see, too.

    This is a rough holy day. The celebration has to be joyful, amazed, astonished, bursting with gratitude and relief. Ah - but the cost, the cost before hand is more than I can bear. I sort of understand why he did this thing, became the catalyst between what we were and what we may be - and losing himself to find us. But I wonder, if I stood beside him the morning before Gesthemane, whether I could ever have asked him to do such a thing for me. No. I know I couldn't.

    I'm glad he didn't ask my permission.

    It's hard enough to accept such a gift.

    But I do.

    And then I go sit by myself and try to deal with it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I cried through every song this whole holiday weekend. It is just unimaginable to me...but I am ever so grateful. Christmas is warm and fuzzy, but Easter hits you hard and makes you go deep, before you can surface into the promise, the joy, the hope and the love. And take in big, gulping, life giving breaths that allow you to continue to breathe out grace and gratitude as we live the days we have, knowing we are loved that much...that much...freely. Wow.
    Those 13 year olds are so lucky to have you lead them to and through that deep place.
    ps. I'm glad you like my first attempt. :-)

  3. what an adorable bunny pin! Hope you had a happy easter

  4. Karen, I'm glad you like the little hopper and thanks for visiting all the way from Australia! We "visited" Australia this year in our study of Oceans and Islands. Someday I would love to visit in person.