Saturday, June 11, 2011

Retirement Party:part 1

I am sitting here so very humbled and amazed. 
People came to the party.
The smiles were plentiful.
The hugs warm.
The wishes for happiness even warmer.
The food was great.

I loved seeing so many friends. 
I loved seeing a group of my college age kids sitting together and remembering...and laughing at the photos of themselves as tiny ones.
I loved the affirmations of a job well done.
I loved when Greyson, as serious as could be, said, "You're really retiring?  But, I am going to miss you." 
Then my eyes started to sweat!

I read the sweetest notes on the butterflies that they hung on our tree...
-You are a good a artist.
-I miss you.  I love you.
-I'm so glad I was in your class.  Good jod, Mrs. Lohr
-I loved this class all the time.
Dang sweaty eyes!

The butterfly notes from the college kids were just as sweet and quite a bit longer.  They didn't have to come.  They didn't have to tell me I made a difference.  
One of the darlings brought a picture of us from her kindergarten days, still in the little frame we made for it.  I had a matching one on the photo board!
One of the other little darlings...well, actually quite large darlings with facial hair and a girl friend, but still adorable, came up to me as he was leaving and said as he opened his arms. "I'm only doing this once!" 

I am tired.
I am happy.
I made a difference.

I still have gifts to open.

There were so many pictures taken, but I am too tired to do that bit now...can you wait?  Please.


  1. Congratulations, Donna. I wish i would have had you in kindergarten.

  2. Thanks so much. I wish I knew who you were, but I am very happy that you spend some time here with me.

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is exactly right. Exactly as it should have been. Because you have made a POWERFUL difference; I can see it easily, and we've never sat in the same room together. And in the most important moment - you have exposed children to such light and love and possibilities at their beginnings where the foundation of their expectations and perceptions have been laid down. You put the life preserver on them. You gave them eyes that see wonder. You picked up your assignment from a loving heavenly father, and you did it with joy and determination and passion. I am so honored to have been able to join you in these last few months and watch this beautiful thing, and then to have your friendship forever after.

    When the talents were handed out, you made bank with them.

  4. I am ever so grateful for your friendship and count it as one of the blessings in my life, which I am realizing is quite full of blessings. I probably have realized this before, but it is one of those things that I have trouble holding on to in the midst of living. I'm working on that. Now, I am going to go and work on a Woolie for my niece who is graduating from the Art Institute of Charlotte this week....

  5. "I still have gifts to open." That you do, my friend.

    Sending warm congratulatory e-hugs...

  6. Thanks, so much, WSW...hugs are so often the best gift...e or live.

  7. Darn it, you made my eyes sweat again... Looking forward to the pictures!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. TeeHee. Sorry about the sweat! Pictures were "outsourced" so it may be awhile....aaarrrgghh. I just couldn't be a hostess and a photographer.

  9. Look! Look at our friends. I LOVE our friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

  10. Yeah. Me, too. Ahhh. Happy sigh. Thanks for sharing.