Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Funnest Friday

Friday was our last Fun Friday of the year and our Field Day (in lieu of a trip to a pitiful little zoo with the other Kindergarten classes), so we tried to make it a little more fun than usual!
We...well, they (I tried it the first year and that was about 20 pounds lighter!) got to climb the rock wall tower.  Most were fearless.  All of them tried more than once and 7 of them got to the top to ring the bell!

Near the bottom and....

...near the top.
It was cloudy and drizzly on and off all day, but no one complained at all!
We had 4 more activities, but I didn't get photos of all of them because I was so busy doing mine.  They made bead necklaces, and an ocean craft inside and we painted and did field activities outside. 
They drew and I traced on a tote bag a picture that would remind them of something they learned in Kindergarten this year.  We did these before Friday so all we had to do was paint on Friday.

We had our picnic lunch inside...

...and then we made baggie ice cream.  If you haven't tried that, you should...much fun!



It was also Dalaynie's UnBirthday.  Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Here they are on their way home with their pretty painted bags...most looking tired and happy.

Every year I hope that they will remember moments like this, when it was no big deal to cozy up and throw your arm around your friends...


  1. Awww I am truly going to miss these guys! I thought hey were so well behaved during all this. It was a good day! :D

  2. I suppose I will find a way to have Fun on Fridays from now on....

  3. Come on out and visit me, and I'll throw my arm around you!! What a bang up way to end a year and a career! What did you draw on your own bag, babe? Of course, there wouldn't be enough space to include every one of those little faces. But you will carry them nonetheless - forever. And the lives you have touched will touch in every growing ripples. And the Lord won't even bother to ask the question: did you do any good in the world? Because the answer is so obvious.

  4. Thanks, friend. I've never been to Utah.... :-)

  5. I'll have MOUNTAINS of things to show you!!