Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who? Who? Hoot?????

As the very pleasant prospect of retirement grows ever closer...less than 50 days!  I become more happy about creating little bits of whimsy and loveliness.
 A friend commissioned me to help her make a woodland themed mobile for her friend's baby to be coming soon.  She wanted owls.  I love the give and take of doing commissioned work-so far anyway.  She gave me general ideas.  I made one to show her to see if we were thinking the same way:
So, I like this one's eyes and the shape of his ears, but overall, not loving him...but don't tell him that.  I would hate to hurt his feelings.  Jen said she loved him and want 4 or 5 more.  But the real beauty of this little one is that as I observed him for a couple of days I knew exactly how I wanted to change the rest of them.  So, he showed me the way...

Notice the unifying ribbon?  That is how they will be hung on the mobile and also how they can be removed from the mobile for the little one to play with when they are old enough not to eat the buttons.

They are only between 4 inches and a little less than 3 inches tall.  And yes, I will pick all the cat hairs off before I deliver them...probably!

And here is my favorite.  He is the smallest one...

Cute, huh?  Really each of them is cuter in real life...really.

Here they all are in a heap and a huddle.
Fore and....

They will hang from a branch and are designed to hang so that they look down on the little babykin.
I am happy.
Now I have to give them over to Jen...sigh.  At least I know they will be going to a good home.  :-)
I will get a photo up of the completed mobile...when it is completed!

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  1. And you couldn't be more right - I am enchanted. The first little guy is a little bit of a Franken-owl - which I say in only the most admiring way. Interesting the way you riffed on his theme. I very much like your favorite guy, and my 2nd best is the blue one, but I love them all. You're so darned good at this stuff. I made just this kind of mobile for my babies back in the beginning - only they were just little gingham birds, also hung from a branch. I found them as I've been Easter egg hunting and realized that I know what I'm doing for Christmas ornaments for the kids this year: taking that ancient collection of now bedraggled little birds, fixing on them wings with felt embellishments and giving them a new, seasonal job. And every year, those kids will remember that I loved them -