Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kite Day

At the end of a very LONG week, we finally had Kite Day.  The weather was perfect...nice breeze and warm temperatures, which we have not seen for a VERY long time! 
As part of our study of Japan we made two kinds of kites: carp kites that are used in thier celebration of Children's Day and a simple sled kite with a dragon picture drawn on the front.  We also flew some store bought kites at the end to see how high we could get them to go.  Have a look -

Marching to the kite flying field with carp flying high already.
Trying to laugh his kite into the air.

It's in the arms....

                                                              Or maybe the legs...

Or perhaps the smiling stare!
                                                             The inevitable tangle.

Rescuing a downed kite.

Getting ready for a launch.



Our only injury.  Who ever heard of a kite string burn?  She was a tears and didn't even want to come in and get the cold pack.  She was right back out and flying again!

It was a great end to a hard week.  Hope they get to fly their kites some more this weekend.


  1. We already did! Lydia and Aidan were outside for a while flying kites. Aidan thought the carp kite was his. That caused a moment of tension, but Lydia was a sport. I love the carp kite! What fun!

  2. Lydia let another little girl borrow her coat to go outside yesterday, too. She's growing into her faith! Be proud.

  3. What a glorious day. Carp kites!! Dancing tails!! I never did anything half so fun at my school. Do the children talk much about Japan's troubles? And bless that little Lydia.

  4. We do talk some about Japan's current trouble. It is hard for them to even fathom, but it is discussed.
    Each year I teach with a theme and almost every single year it is a different one because there is so much interesting stuff out there that I can't stand to not delve into something new. It is heartening to hear the graduating seniors tell me what they remember about the theme for their year.
    We work really hard Monday through Thursday so we can have Fun Friday...all of us look forward to the day and almost every Friday is the "best" Fun Friday ever! :-)

  5. Thanks, Donna. I am proud of her.