Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Far and Wide

It is still amazing to me that people from far and wide read my blog.  How do they...you... even find me? 

I would love to hear from someone from these far away places.  I have long had the heart of a gypsy, although it has faded some since finding the love of my life and settling in to a shared life!  It is often quite an adventure in its own right.

Poland, Slovenia, Canada, Greece, Indonesia, Brazil, Denmark, Phillipines, Taiwan, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia and The Faroe Islands

Wow.  I have only been to two of these places.
Anybody out there want to comment?

 I love seeing your place show up in my audience list.  Now, if I just had faces to connect to the places...

This world is shrinking.
Let's be friends.


  1. I'm boring. I know. Just plain old US ;0) I do wonder why people don't just say Hi when they come. Teje, from the Nero blog, is wonderful at coming when you comment on her, and leaving a kind word. I love her for that alone. I, too, am curious about my visitors. Why did they come? What did they think? Did they not like what they read or what they saw? Is that why they say nothing? Are they bloggers, too? Or do they not understand how desperately meaningful even the simplest greeting is to the person who is taking such chances, writing her heart and life out there as an offering of friendship? It makes me sad sometimes. But one little word makes me feel so joyful! And the friendships I've made through reading and writing and commenting myself are very real and meaningful to me. They have really sparked up my already crazy life.

    Like you, Donna. You are a jewel.

  2. Kristen, I love to hear from you all the time about anything. I am trying to get hooked up with Teje, too. We have dogs that are twins from different breeds. I just need to get her on my follow list so I don't miss her posts.
    Anyway, thanks for taking the time once again!
    Besides you, my curiosity must remain unquenched in this area....for now. :-)

  3. Wow. Today someone from Moldova read my blog. Wow.

  4. And now there is South Africa! Who are you? Can we be friends?

  5. What was the South African referring link?

  6. How can I find out? Sometimes I see facebook referring, ping, your site....but I don't know how to find out which look was from which link...can I?