Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Dr.!

Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday.  This is one of my favorite days.  I LOVE the silliness of Dr. Seuss books.  I love to share them with the kids and I love to read them out loud.  I love to watch them try and succeed at reading a "real" hard cover book, with just the tiniest bit of help.  I might have to find a way to celebrate this day even after I retire...
So, here's how we celebrated today-
Here are the directions I sent home with the neccesary supplies...

...and some of the hats I got back.  Gotta love the peppermint style!

Our Kanga (from when we "visited" Australia) sporting her own hat.
Kids at work,

Kids at play,

Kids all looking cute today!
It is always amazing to me how differently a project can turn out when they all get the same materials and the same very simple, step by step, directions.  Look...
Here is my example, that I built as we did each step...and here are theirs!

Now, mine is on a full sheet of construction paper, but this little guy is only about 3"x5"!
 He started with the same amount of paper as me...

Just look at all those different sizes! 

We also, drew the Birthday Bird of Katroo...I draw on chalk board and they draw on their paper.  I was impressed at how well they turned out.  Here's one:

My favorite Dr. Seuss is Green Eggs and Ham.  For creative writing this week the kids did an innovation of this story.  Things like, Pink Pizza and Peas or Blue Cheese and Fish.  What fun!

And finally, as a group of girls were creating out of the scrap box at recess, they asked if they made a sign for Dr. Seuss, would I hang it in the hall?  Well, yeah!  Love when they take what we are doing a step further on their own!  So, they have the last word...


  1. What fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cat in hat pix!!! ADORABLE!

  2. Wait til you see them all in the hallway. It really is one of the things I look forward to doing each year...want to get together and make a few next year???

  3. I loved reading Dr Seuss to my son but I will never know if he liked them because he was nonverbal. By the time he spoke he was too old for Green Eggs and Ham, my fave!

  4. I'm sure he felt your joy while you were reading whether he said it or not. Joy is deeper than words, right?

  5. I am enchanted. The cat in the hat - wonderful.

  6. I wish you could see the whole process. Tearing the paper is hard for them. I love that they have to work through that hard place to create something that they love.