Sunday, March 13, 2011

Age Old Dilemma Solved

Even though we had snow 2 days last week and I am firmly convinced that we will have more, people have started talking about vacations and beaches and bathing suits. There are a very few things I would rather think about or discuss than me and bathing suits!
But that was before I discovered this clever solution...camouflage bathing suits!
Deep Blue Women's Mossy Oak One-Piece Halter Swimsuit at Cabela'sRealtree® Women's Junior Halter Swim-Top Tankini Swimwear at Cabela's Deep Blue Women's Halter Tankini Top at Cabela'sRealtree® Women's Junior Stacked Ruffle Slider Triangle Swim-Top Swimwear at Cabela'sRealtree® Women's Junior Hipster Swim Bottom Swimwear at Cabela's

Who knew? If you can't see me in my camo, then I don't have to worry about you seeing me...problem solved. Let's go to the beach!
Leave it to Cabela's to think of everything!
Are you smiling?


  1. Ummm.. I think mine would have to be sand colored. Totally. Sand. Wet sand. - No. Dry. Dry sand. And it would be a hot day in hallelujah before I'd EVER put on those two things at the bottom, there. Crikey.

  2. hahahaha I told you to look for desert sand camo! I saw a lot of people at the beach last year who I wished had these on! LOL :D

  3. Just put the suit on and have fun! Life is WAY too short to worry about it. Everyone has body issues. EVERYONE. Just tell them you can Zumba circles around them. :D

  4. But you are smiling, right? Desert sand would be better...maybe they are thinking of lounging by a creek or meandering river in the woods...
    And Kristen...never did and never would...or could...or should! No fluffles and strings for me.

  5. Thanks, Karyn! I can do circles now after all that Zumba!