Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Snow

Sunday into Monday, we got a lovely spring snow. When I went out Monday morning, in my snowman dress, to go to work, there were about 4 inches of snow and the birds were singing! One of life's lovlinesses! I also, this weekend, got to make invitations to our new Arts Council Board of Directors and chose a rebirth, renewal and possibilities theme. See the lovely crocus flowers...

I am so happy with how they turned out...pretty, huh? And I see on accuweather that we have a winter warning for up to 6" of heavy snow Thursday night into Friday! Snowman dress...again!
Hope you, too, are enjoying the wild spring weather...


  1. oooooooo - Donna. you SOO good. What fun. I love them all together. You could frame them like that. COOL. SO COOL>

    And I never think spring snow is lovely. Grmble.

  2. I am so happy with them. I designed, drew, cut each one out and glued them all together. I love how each one is a little bit different. I was a nervous wreck after I made them and then had to hand write the invitation inside...what if I messed up? Oh, lovely idea...frame it! But, I didn't mess up, so all I have is photos.
    Yeah, but you don't get a day off from work when you get my snow days!

  3. Yes. Snow days are one of the tenderest of mercies.

    And I just looked at these again. Still TOTALLY cool. Kind of pop art, actually.