Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Springing

Today, Stevie and I went for a walk at Cranberry Glades.  It is a bit of a geological aberration right here in Preston County.  No way this biome should be this far south, but I'm glad it is.
I can remember once, years ago, before it was held by the Nature Consevancy, going with a few friends to actually wade in and pick cranberries.  An adventure I haven't forgotten.  Today, I was looking for signs of Spring and here's what I found...
The path in...

Look at that color!  As much as anything it is the sun shining on everything.
Spring green is so very soft to look at and to touch.

Then we entered the forest primeval...well, it seemed like that.  Dark, deep, soft, quiet, pungent.

One brave sapling standing in the sun.

Can you see the red skunk cabbage peeking through?

Here's a close up showing that there is something inside that thing...
maybe this isn't skunk cabbage after all.

A view across the cranberry bog from the board walk.

On the way back to the car we saw what we thought might be a bear track. 
Enlarge and see what you think.

When I got home I saw these signs of spring springing in my very own yard.

Colt's foot.  The first flower most springs...even before the crocus.

My day lilies that I am hesitant to take all the leave mulch off of just yet.

And the ever popular daffodil!

 Yes, spring is springing, but I am quite sure that the snow isn't over!  Lucky for me, I love all kinds of weather and each season especially!  Happy First Day of Spring tomorrow...go outside and enjoy! 


  1. We used to get windflowers. And something else =- oh yes!! Primroses!! But I think the dogs ended them long ago. Pungent woods. Hmmmm. I purr at the thought. You are ahead of us. We have no daffs yet.

  2. It was a wonderfully warm and rainy day today...thunder and lightening storm early this morning and again this afternoon. I love a good storm! But it is cooling off again for the rest of the week...with a little snow predicted! I love that, too. Life is so much better when you love all the weathers.