Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japanese Tea Ceremony-The Kindergarten Way

Can't believe I haven't blogged for a week.  That is an indication of the week we had, but once again, Fun Friday sends us all home happy.

Yesterday was the culmination of our Japanese adventure.  We have decorated and made kimonos and discussed the beauty and current tragedy of Japan.
This group is not by nature calm and quiet and introspective...well, OK, they are only 5 or 6, but still some kids just are calmer natured.  This group is best when going and doing.
But, they did great.  They learned how to serve during the ceremony and to be grateful guests.  They were quiet and respectful and I was proud.  Any time I can get them to think of others is a happy moment.  Here are the pictures:
Chopsticks that we made kid friendly.

Rice cakes tied with edible "ribbon".
Candy sushi, which they loved!  Loved!
Placemats that they made...they like pandas in Japan, too.
Hanging lanterns with cherry blossom designs.

And now for the ceremony...look at their faces and their bodies...ahhh.

It was nearly silent for this part except for the thank yous and you're welcomes...ahh.  We had a few 4th grade guests come to observe and they got some treats for being repectful, also.

Then they got to eat and it was still quiet.

A good view of the kimono designs.
The bun, the flower, the chopsticks....
...and the flip flops that gave her llama toes!

Our latest principal of the year came to visit and took off his shoes and showed his white socks. 
This guy is a keeper.  All of the adults had red kimonos to wear.

So, there you have the whole thing.  I bet it is too many pictures for most of you, but I couldn't cut them down any more.  Hope you enjoyed!  We did.


  1. Lydia LOVED it! She was trying to describe the snack to me. Seeing the pictures, I get it now! That's the only kind of sushi I think I could eat. What fun they had. Thanks for putting so much thought and effort into the lessons you teach. I can only imagine how much work it must be.

  2. It is a lot of planning but it seems to be worth it if they love it and learn a thing or two as well. I don't want to know what they think if they ever taste "real" sushi! One of the little boys wrote in his journal, "me et sooshe"...and we were both thrilled with his enthusiasm and effort!

  3. Oh, Donna (how many comments do I start out this way???? It's spontaneous!)- this is FABULOUS. JUST FAB. You know what I always say about my kids and me, too - yeah, if I'd had a teacher like you, I'd have had a fire lit under me that NEVER would have gone out. Wonderful. Sending this to the Chaz, our Japanese-meister.

  4. This is--there aren't even words for how delightful this is.

  5. Thanks, Kristen and Chazi. Chazi, I wish you could come and be a guest speaker!
    We will be setting sail for Hawai'i sometime this week and finish the year with a luau!

  6. Oh my goodness, how I wish I COULD! I'd wear my full-blown formal kimono and teach them all to introduce themselves in proper little Japanese. :)

  7. I knew you would be great! I had another lady lined up for today, but she had to cancel so no visitor at all. Oh well, I can't have everything...but I can still want to!

  8. I LOVE the pix and hate so much that I couldn't be there!! :( I really missed out. I do believe you've outdone yourself. Fantastic job!

  9. Connie, I missed having you there. You would have loved it so. Might have even gotten a little teary! :-)

  10. Candy sushi!!!! So much love for the candy sushi. Middling and I did a lapbook on Japan last year, and she was so intrigued with the culture. We then brought a mini-version of it into our homeschool group and made clothespeg kokeshi dolls. But candy sushi! Kid friendly chopsticks! Lanterns! Llama toes! SUCH attention to detail. You are an inspiration.

  11. I love the idea of lapbooks. In a way I have tried to do lots of things that homeschool mommas can do with their kids, but in the classroom. Wondering if in retirement there is some way I could hook into a homeschool network????