Saturday, March 5, 2011

Whimsical Wooliness

Here are a few of my woolies...

Started out pretty primitive and still like that look a lot!

Some day I will have a whole series for each month.  This is January and below is April.

...and back.  Sold these on a teddy bear they got to keep, too.

A bird in the hand is....dinner!

Beautiful antique button.

And a cover for my Kindle. 

Looking forward to much more time for this after I retire!


  1. Oh - I was going to go feed, and I have to catch up - when I sew, I can't read (that is one of heaven's oversights - I'm going to talk to the designers about when I get a chance) - but I cheated and took a peek anyway - and WOW!!! These are BRILLIANT!!! These guys are at once really scary (those toothy predator smiles!) and really endearing. The detail, the characterization, the sewing embellishments, the textures, the storytelling - these are AMAZING!! AMAZING!! I'm gonna send Rachel and Chaz and Gin over here to see them. I LOVE, lOVE, LOVE these. My favorite was the lamby though, I think - that lion's smile kind of makes you wonder if the peace is going to last all that long -

  2. happy when another artist likes what I make. I started with the lambie pies in paper for a few years and moved to felt...
    It's interesting how you just keep moving and coming back and moving on again...Thanks!

  3. Very whimsical indeed. Cue,cute,cute

  4. Donna.. I am a friend of Mrs. Morell. I found your blog through her. I just had to tell you that I LOVE these!! The Green legs and Sam?? OMG WANT!!!


  5. Any friend of Debra's is a friend of mine! I will let you know when I am having a show and sale! I lOVE Green Legs and Sam, too. It was one of the first ones I ever did.

  6. Sweet! Happy Retirement. Enjoy your time.

  7. Thanks, my anonymous friend...

  8. Squeeeeal! Your work is incredible, Donna! I LOVE the primitive vibe. That little bird's tail feather, beautifully tickling the mat, makes me want to touch that piece. And the necklace--oh, the necklace!

  9. Hey, I just made another necklace to match a dress. I'll put a picture up soon.
    I am feeling like I need to do some more of my mostly primitive Woolies...missing them. Actually, now that I am retired, I need to start making lots more of all of them...not a bad job at all for retirement!