Thursday, March 17, 2011

Young Writers!

Tonight we got to celebrate our young writers in the county.  It is always heartening to see the theatre filled for a non-athletic event!  Writers being encouraged and rewarded is such an important thing.
So, my two winners were in the Kindergarten Poetry category.  We work on them at school and it takes about a week of 1/2 hour lessons to get poems out of them.  Rhyming they have down cold, but rhythm takes a bit of work!  I choose the top 5 or 6 pieces and then let other teachers read them to get the top two, which I enter into the contest.  All of the rest (as well as the two winners) will be sent to the Dominion Post to be published on their Kids Info page.  Everybody gets some glory.
Here are the two winning poems:

Pretty Snow Girl
I like snow girls
Nice and tall.
I stack her up.
It takes three balls.
She looks good.
Will she fall?
She has a scarf.
It is pink.
She is pretty.
That's what I think.
-Dalaynie    2nd place

In their cozy bed
Bears are sleeping.
Eyes are closed.
Nobody is peeking.
All winter they sleep
Under the snow
Soft and deep.
-Austyn     1st place

Here are the proud poets and their equally proud teacher!  Yep.  These are the moments that matter.


  1. Lovely. Actually, the rhythm doesn't really matter, as long as the feel is right. Look at e.e.cummings. Not at all troubled about trochaic feet, that one. "poem." When you say the sound, it sounds like something small someone would place carefully in your hand.

  2. I'm glad the rhythm isn't a neccesity, because sometimes it just isn't there. :-)
    Love your sound of "poem" idea! Love the way you think...