Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Art Show

Our local Arts Council is trying not to die.  We have recently gotten several new board members (remember the pretty cards I made for each of them? )and are hopeful once again.  To welcome the new board members and other friends, we who are juried artists, have set up a little art show.  I am very new to this.  I have sold in other stores, but setting up my own display without a way to hang my art, was a bit of a challenge.  I think I like how it turned out.  What do you think?

I used an old ladder, a small table and a chair from school.  Table isn't really leaning. 
Here are a few pieces close up:  And if you get any closer, you can see the cat hairs probably.

And my favorite of this bunch....

Hope we have a nice turn out tonight for the Spring Thinking Meeting.


  1. Oh, Donna - I am absolutely delighted. And I need some delight today. I like the display - the ladder, of course, was genius. My fave? Believe. I loved them all, but that one best. Am MOST grateful to be shown. I will really look at the Japan day tomorrow - after all these things are a little bit over. But the show, for now, was refreshment enough.

  2. Kristen, Believe has a bit of a back story. About a year into our dating, at the ripe old ages of 41 and 47, I ask my little husband if we were ever going to get married...he said, "When pigs fly." That very weekend while we were out and about, we saw a hot air balloon shaped like a PIG! We laughed and he gave me my ring about 3 weeks later. Our 12th anniversary is this Friday. So, flying pigs are one of our specials.

  3. Now, that is a terrific story. I could've used one of those balloons about a year into OUR courtship. (men)

  4. gotta love them! Mine finally gave me my ring on Halloween and we got married on April Fool's Day...hmmmmm. Still going strong!

  5. Donna, these are FABULOUS! So full of character, warmth, and wit. That pig gazing longingly upwards at the bird (and the delightful backstory)is a charmer. And *all that and polka dots" CRACKS me up. I have a bit of a polka dot thing. The bird looks like she is dancing, and is bursting with whimsy. And *just bee* has won my beekeeping heart. Incredible work!

  6. Thanks so much, WSW. I have a bit of a polka spot thing myself...all things circular make me happy...sequins, buttons, spots...
    I"m so glad you got the "whimsy" part of the titles.
    I really do hate to let them go sometimes. Can only console myself knowing that I can make another one when needed.