Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Bit of Sadness and ????

I know I haven't written for awhile.  I was expecting to update you with the fun day I had with the kids on Monday and we did actually have a pretty fun day.  They were hard working and pleasant right up until about1:30 when they started nodding off...pretty funny.  There they were sitting right there on the carpet, eyes drooping, head nodding and body weaving.  At least one got as far as a snore or two...yesterday and today.  We all needed a little adjustment time.
So, then we go to our faculty meeting to find out that 5 of our faculty will not be rehired next year.  Our three support staff: curriculum, technology and student support, one of our two Title 1 and one of our 5th grade teachers...because they can have 28 in each class next year!  There is also a strong possibility that one of our 4th grace teachers will not be replaced when she moves to a new school next year.
Not one of these changes is better for the kids...none of them are even good for the kids...in fact, they might each be BAD for the kids!  Oh, and our pricipal is leaving and we will have a sub for about 5 weeks and then maybe they will hire one.  The copier in the office ran out of it's lease but we can't get a new lease because we don't have a permanet principal (what is that about?).  The computer in the office died and they don't know when they will have it back.  The phone in the lounge died and they don't want to replace that for us.  After so much of this kind of news it seriously begins to feel personal!
I have quite mixed feelings.  A big part of me is ever more glad that I will be leaving in June.  A small part of me wonders if I am abandoning ship?  In spite of this new round of bad news, the teachers at KES continue to work and do their best...a family of professionals I am proud to be a part of.

Got to give kisses to two of my sweet kids from last year this morning...that's the way to start any day!


  1. I feel for you all. Priorities, priorities, priorities!!! Don't you begin to wonder...Lord, please help us all!

  2. It's disheartening isn't it? My heart goes out to those who are wondering where/if they will have a job next year. I vividly remember what that felt like. It is so difficult to come in day in and day out and be enthusiastic and encouraging with your students when there is so much strain. I often don't understand what is behind the decision making process. As far as the technology goes? Don't get me started! Here's to hoping you have much better rest of the week.

  3. It is about priorities, isn't it? I often wonder, too, about the decision making and the powers that be...
    In my classroom, I love my job!