Saturday, January 22, 2011

Basket Making

I got the great idea to give my friends, Stevie and Connie, a basket making lesson for their birthdays this year.  Connie's is in October so we started them then.  Stevie's is in December...baskets still not done.  Mine is in January and I told them that for my birthday I wanted them to finish their baskets!   My birthday is Tuesday and after a couple of months of gentle reminders and a pitiful birthday request,  all but the lashing on Stevie's rim is done!  Here's the proof...

Connie hard at work.

Me hard at work on my basket and Stevie's basket.

Three finished berry baskets and Stevie's that still needs a lashing!
Next is a little more "artful" display of the finished products.

Aren't they lovely?  Can't wait to go berry picking next summer!

And then, the best part maybe...Connie's homemade cinnabuns! 

I do not care to tell you how many I ate while there.  Hey, they were fresh out of the oven!  With cold milk.  You couldn't have resisted either.   But I did manage to bring 2 home and with any luck I will manage to save one for my little husband...
See?  I am not going to have trouble finding things to do when I retire.  I might have trouble fitting into my pants if Connie and I work together too often, but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes!
Let me know if you want to go berry picking.  I have an extra basket!


  1. Fantastic job, ladies! Eric quickly looked over at the pictures and asked if I was looking to buy a basket. I told him no that you had made them. His response-Wow, she does a great job! And the cinnabons look yummy too!

  2. But, let me know if you are looking to buy a basket! They did turn out nicely, didn't they. Here's a warning took a LONG time so don't wait until the last minute to order! :-)