Friday, December 31, 2010

A Theory?

OK.  So, here's the thing.  I have felt bad...headache, tired, icky...most of the days we have been off.  My theory is that this is just my new "age appropriate" reality and I only notice it when I am off because I have time to.  I am too busy or have too many other things to think about to notice it when I am at work.
Today, the same thing...maybe a little bit worse headache.  I decide I am going to go to school to work about the same time my little husband has to go to work, but I feel bad enough that a nap sounds better.  I try that for about 45 minutes and then just give up and go to work. After being there for about 6 1/2 hours I realize that I feel great.  No sign of a headache.  I'm OK with that.  Work is good for me.
But, here is the scary year, after I am don't think I am going to have to do HOUSEWORK just so I feel good, do you?
Anyone have a better theory for me?  PLEASE!


  1. I think the schedule is the answer. Make plans, volunteer,read, exercise, cook, meditate. It will all come together.

  2. Those all sound good! Add gardening and crafting and I think I will be set.

  3. I can always use volunteers in my classroom;)

  4. Well, Miss Amy, that is a possibility! At least a read aloud now and then. Love my kiddy lit!

  5. Hey, Donna---Check out Kara's friend's (on Everyday Kings) latest post. I have already gone to the Pennies on a Platter website. Maybe you could let everyone that reads your blog know about it and they could go to it to help. Thanks for you Christmas newsletter! Happy New Year!

  6. Anne, I already have Everyday Kings listed on the side of my blog and I know several people who read it from there. Isn't it a good thing they are doing? Technology doing good! Thanks.