Friday, January 7, 2011

A Battle Lost and a Victory Won

My friend, Misty, and her family have been living with the pain and joy of cancer for a couple of years.  My family and I lived through these same 2 years about 15 years ago.  Cancer is a club that you never want to join, but there are lots of us with memberships...
Misty's mom, Susi, died today.  She lost the battle of living here, but she has won the victory of life everlasting in Heaven.  She loved her family and many of the people all around her with a love of Jesus.  She taught her children to do the same.  They have spent a lot of quality time together in the living room where Susi's hospital bed was.  They have entertained friends and each other.  They have shared the joy that cancer calls you to discover and relish with a passion!  They made Susi proud of the family she grew...
She died with all of them gathered around her.  Misty said she opened her eyes right before she died.  I believe that was to get a last look at them gathered around her and to get a first look at the angels waiting for her.  My mom talked about the angels waiting for her.
Each of them, husband, daughter, son and daughter in law, will miss her in their life each day.  Each of them rejoices that she is well and whole again. 
Remember them in your prayers.  The kids have just experienced the worst bump in their path through the world.  Jeff , her husband, has just lost his partner on the path through the world. 
God bless them with peace until life and laughter return.

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