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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Velcroed! (Is that a word?)

I am loving the beautiful snow outside that makes my yard look as good as everyone elses for a change.  I don't even mind shovelling most of the time, even though I did fall on my butt today!  The good news is my butt can take it and Zumba is working just the right muscles for shovelling.  I just have to remember not to put my hand down to try to break the fall.
But, any way, all this lovely snow made me think:  FLANNEL!  I have these really groovy flannel jammies:

See how groovy?  I mean, really...flamingos and a vintage Airstream?

And I have these really cute flannel sheets, perfect for this mini-snowpocalypse:

What's not to like with these cute little snow guys?

So, what is the problem, you may be thinking...
Well, when I put on the totally groovy flannel jammies and get in between the oh, so cute flannel sheets, I CAN'T move!  It is seriously like being velcroed in place!  Seriously!
Wonder which I will have to sacrifice?
Hope you are staying warm in your jammies!


  1. Ha! I learned this lesson from watching the flannel board stories at church. I forgot the lesson, as often happens, only to relearn it in high school when I finally talked my mom into buying me flannel sheets. For some reason, it doesn't really seem to bother my children. Maybe that is because they are so tired by the time they go to bed that they don't plan on moving anyway... :)

  2. Karyn, I forgot all about flannel boards...they always seemed cheesy to me somehow.
    But they do prove the velcro point pretty effectively!

  3. Cheesy!?!? As a child, I was fascinated by them. I think my mom even made one for me because I loved them so much. I would make my own flannel board characters out of coloring book pictures or picture books and a little felt. I had forgotten that. My mom was so creative. I swear she could make anything. Perhaps, I will try this with Lydia at some point. I'll bet she would like it...

  4. I always liked things that moved better. They were a little creepy the way they were just always the way they were, whether they were supposed to be walking or sleeping or riding in a whales belly.
    Lydia probably would like some Skippy John Jones or Noodles characters to tell stories with. I'm sure she would make Aidan be her, you better make some Cars ones, too...

  5. I know this feeling. That's why I finally went for waffle henleys - when I can stand the heat. There is a time, as you may know, when - oh, say, around 3 in the morning, you can heat up the room just by standing in it -

  6. Yes, I seem to be at that place in my life where the heating bill is going down for a change! It's hard on the cats who sleep at the foot of the bed though...all that flinging the covers on and off!