Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Go Herb!

or The Joys of Invented Spelling...
Last night was the ever interesting cross state rivalry basketball game between the 2 big universities in the state.  West Virginia University is, of course, the "state's" university and Marshall University is just that crazy wanna be upstart down south...where I went to school first...did graduate work at WVU for a well rounded experience, don't you know?
So, we have never beaten them in football, but we do beat them at the most unexpected times in basketball.  Last night was one of those nights!  I get to wear my Marshall green again today!
Anyway, to the year, Marshall, the Thundering Herd, was playing for the National Championship in their division for football.  Stevie and I went to the game.  Just for fun we had the kids make signs for us to carry while we were there.  There were several cute ones, but the classic was, and evershall be, "Let's Go Herb!" 
Invented spelling gets you licked alot, too, as in "i lik u  do u lik me?"  I know I have a smart cookie on my hands when they come up to me all indignant and demand that I spell "hope" for them.  Here's how the conversation went..."How do you spell hope?"  me: "Use your sounds."  she a few minutes later:  "OK, you have to tell me how to spell hope, because everytime I use my sounds it comes out hop!"  Well, there you go.  Time for the silent e lesson.
Yep.  It's a great job.
Maybe I'll do a post about the interesting spelling in letters/notes from parents...
Hop u lik yor da.


  1. Gotta love that invented spelling! Just hope we don't end up spelling like that in our old age! That would be scary! Do you have Laura and Jason's address? I know it is on your road---Glory Dr. Several people at school have asked me for it. Thanks in advance it you do. Happy birthday coming up next week, too in case I have a senior moment and forget to tell you then!

  2. Hey.
    396 Glory Dr.
    Thanks in advance for the birthday greetings!
    Happy snow day????