Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandma, What Big Feet You Have!

This is our girl, Mercy.  We went to western New York to get her 3 years ago this April.  She is a Shiloh Shepherd.  We bought her from the breed developer and she had a genetic defect that almost killed her.  It was a long 1st year, but she prevailed and look at her now. 

You don't really get a feel for her size in this photo, but just wait.  She loves the snow and will stay out there longer than I am comfortable leaving her out there.
She was a great friend to our  Grace and although she was much larger, she never really got the hang of being the alpha dog.

Get a little bit of a feel for her size here...Grace was a 70lb. golden retriever.  She is beautiful and smart and gentle.  Really, Grace did almost all of her puppy training by example.  She learned sit, stay, come and beg...oh, no, not beg...she learned to lay down while we eat and keep her eyes on each bite we take!

...and gentle.

Sometimes I take her to school with me and as we go down the hallway I can hear kids asking their teacher if they can see Mrs. Lohr's wolf.  teehee. 
This next picture is not a good picture, but check out the size of those feet!  I have my hand spread as far as I can and she doesn't....

Love our Mercy Girl.
(thanks for the photos, Connie)


  1. My daughter drove the other side of her state to pick up a dark, long-haired German Shepherd named "Satan." His name was immediately changed to "Sultan" (called "sully") and he has been The Best Dog ever. We love him so much. They bring him with them when they visit and we always ask if they want to leave him. Sweet as anything. A great voice. Kind nature, but also protective. Yours is beautiful. I understand your love.

  2. Hello Donna! Thank you for writing and for the lovely photos! Mercy looks very much like Nero and really beautiful! I like very much this Shiloh Shepherd and also how the breed began. Mercy is really big and I can see that only when she is with Grace!
    Best wishes to your family! Teje and Nero
    Ps. with more time I send you some photos.

  3. Teje, I knew you would like Mercy. Looking forward to reading your blog more and more. Come back anytime.