Monday, January 17, 2011

This Moment

To Laura and Jason, Molly and Mallory-Although I cannot truly imagine where you are tonight, I wanted to say this to you:

Sometimes this moment seems too heavy.  Sometimes the moment I am to be living in and savoring tastes bitter.  Sometimes this moment makes my heart hurt.  Sometimes the moment is stretched longer than I could have imagined possible.  And sometimes the moments are fleeting and furtive.
But the nature of moments is that they are, well, momentary.  So, I will stand and hold the heaviness until it lightens.  I will taste the bitter and remember the sweet.  I will share the pain I feel in my heart and take comfort in my blessings.  And I will live in this moment and the next and the next.

You are loved in this moment and all the rest of them.


  1. Donna~ Just beautiful! Thank you so very much. That just about sums it up. We are in shock, very numb, but, we know this is what God wants.

  2. If there is ANYthing you need...we will be God's hands for you.