Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aaarrrghh! Me Hearty-Pirates!

Usually we have Fun Friday, but this week we had to have a Marvelous Monday and it was all about Pirates! We dressed up, we had treasure hunts, Pirate snacks and found a treasure chest!After all the preparations Stevie and I had most likely spent a Pirate's fortune and I realized that I can live with a cut in salary in my retirement, since I won't get to be throwing these fun events for 25 kids on a regular basis...or buying books or buying supplies or buying snacks...yeah, a cut isn't going to hurt as much as it might. :-) So, after we got settled in with a 2 hour delay and an adjusted schedule, we divided them into 4 teams. Each team was responsible for reading one of the clues and leading all the rest of the pirates to where they thought the treasure was.The first clue lead them to bandannas for every one. Here they all are where they found them.And as soon as we put on their bandanas they began to look much more piratey...just wait.The second clue lead them to eye patches and earrings!This team was not too keen on going under the deck to find their treasure, but here they come finally.Now we are starting to really look good.Oh, yeah. Everyone got to make a hook hand, too. Arrgghh. It's a dangerous life, me matey!~After lunch, when we didn't have to go outside and put our coats on anymore, so we put pirate parrots on our shoulders.
Here's the side story of the parrots. We made them last Thursday, but as soon as we put the feathers on them and the kids went to the bathroom, those crazy parrots "flew" away! What fun it was to see them almost believe our story...I leaned out the door and pretended (pretty dang convincingly, I thought) that I saw them flying away. Then today when they came in the parrots were back perched on their tables with a note left on the chalkboard.
Loved hearing them say, "Hey, the parrots came back!" :-)

Clue #3 got us some rope belts.
And the last clue was where we found out daggers...stubby little things made of flimsy paper, of course...Don't you love the little mustache?While we were tracking down our daggers, the treasure chests were put out on our "ship". There was much rejoicing at the booty we had scored!
We learned a pirate song (I'm a pirate, that I be. I sail me ship upon the sea...) and we had a fun pirate snack! Swords and cannon balls...
So, it was a fast and furious day. I heard reports from a couple of mommas. One couldn't find her daughter at After School Explorers because she was still in full pirate gear! Another, who is a teacher, said her daughter came rushing into her room after school giving them all a big, "Aaarrrrggghh!"

Ahoy, mateys! Captain D here!
Check out the booty I scored!

Yep. This is a great job, Matey!


  1. Ok, so this just makes me so very very sad that my son is going to miss out on all your fun days!!! Can't you reconsider, just 1 more year? Seriously, this school district is going to miss you and will never be able to find anyone to fill your shoes! You are the BEST!

  2. Thanks so much, Shawna! If I could pick my class of cute boys...nah...can't do it! It has been great fun for so long, but now it is time.

  3. If I had had a teacher like you - at ANY point - I might have turned out to be more brave, more joyful, more trusting of life. You really are amazing.

    I have been trying to catch up, here. Sometimes when I do this, I dutifully scannish-readish every post as quickly as I can. But not with you. As I read these, I keep reading because I am charmed and interested.

  4. Thanks so much! I hope to perhaps get a chance to share what I know with preservice teachers at a small college near here....
    So glad you come to join the conversation!